I am Grateful

I haven’t written a blog post like this one in awhile. A recent Facebook status update on my book page reminded me of just how grateful I am to be able to write, to have books contracted with a publisher, to have people buying those books and leaving reviews. I’m still at the start of my writing journey, by no means an expert or long in the publishing world, but I can’t help but be thankful for the strides I’ve been allowed to make.


Because it is tough. Like anything worthwhile doing and having is. It doesn’t come easy. And I’m so grateful to be able to have this outlet and write the stories I like to write. To form part of the romance community. To feel liberated enough to say I am a romance author and even if people judge that, to still not care *laugh* because romance writers are AWESOME! *smiles*

I’m grateful for the people who’ve encouraged me and shaped me on this journey. I’m grateful for the countless writing advice gurus who give their advice for free on the inter-webs through articles and video tutorials, for all the authors who write on their blogs about what they’ve learned and who share that knowledge, and also for writing groups on social media…groups who are accessible, open and do not discriminate for whatever reason…you are amazing. And you help people like me who live in a small town, in a third world country, who don’t have a clue on how to approach her dream of becoming a published romance author. It’s really amazing how many willing people are out there, sharing what they know without expecting anything in return. I’m awed. I’m grateful. I’m thankful and am working on paying it forward.

And to my readers (all three of you…Hey Mom! *laughs*), you inspire me, push me and always make me want to give more than a 100% with every story I write. Your support humbles me. My latest book have placed me in front of readers who didn’t know who I was until they picked up my book as part of the Black Hills Wolves series and I’m grateful for you because you gave an unknown to you author a chance. Thank you.

It’s humbling when you think that there are so many people all over the world who do not get to live out their passion. Who do not have the freedom to venture into any career path. For many years South Africa was that type of country. Recently my mother again reminded me on just how tough it was when she was in high school. The then Apartheid government would literally come to Coloured and Black schools and tell students that they couldn’t study certain subjects at grade 11 level. Usually those subjects would be Mathematics, Accountancy, Physical Science and Biology…they didn’t want doctors, lawyers, accountants to come from Coloured and Black groups. In fact there was a quota placed on how many could be allowed into those types of university courses each year. Imagine you’ve spent years doing Mathematics only to be told you couldn’t take it again in grade 12 because you, according to a rigged system, didn’t qualify? And guess what, having a B in those subjects disqualified you. *snorts* Yeah, I also didn’t get straight A’s.

According to the Apartheid government I would be as dumb as a doornail.

I am grateful that I get to do what I do. That I live in a time in the world’s history where as a person of color I can write the stories I like and have people from every ethnicity enjoy them *smile*

And as strange as this sounds, I want to say thank you for all the ‘likes’, the reviews, ‘shares’, ‘follows’, ‘subscribing to my blog’, buying my books, ‘liking my book page’, having me on your blogs, tweeting, and generally coming along with me on my writing journey.

I still have a way to go, but I’m truly grateful for what the journey so far has taught me and how much support I’ve received.

#HappyWriting I know I am because of you.*smile*



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Should a Bible-believing-Christian watch Noah?


No you shouldn`t and here`s why. No one should have the power to convince you of what you should/shouldn`t do/watch in this case. What should move your actions and motivation should be God and the Holy Spirit.

Now that I`ve gotten that out of the way I`ll get on with my review of this movie since I watched it 🙂  And watched without knowing  1) The director is an atheist 2) Noah was (referencing the director) the most un-Christian Christian movie ever made.

Noah has the typical Hollywood big budget CGI feel, with a cast of actors you`ve loved in other movies, Russell Crowe ala Gladiator, to name one. Visually it ranks with one of the best adventure films and you`d want to see it on a big screen just for that. The story…well, that`s what it is, a completely fictional story. The movie starts of saying “in the beginning there`s nothing.”

Uh…everyone`s who`s read Genesis knows in the beginning there was something.

Anyway, let me get on with it.

Now before some of you go on and say, but that`s a minor detail and the director took ‘artistic licence’.  I have to ask you to consider this, what if someone took such licence with your life story? (Whatever that story might be) Authors get worked up when screenplay writers take ‘artistic licence’ with their books, imagine if it was their life stories? Yikes. I would not want to be in that room! lol

Since Noah`s clearly not around to defend himself, and the Bible wasn`t written with movie-makers in mind, I would say it`s up to Christian leaders and authorities (on theology) to defend the text.

I`m a writer which means I`m all for creativity. Right now I`m writing a New Adult with crossover potential called “Paradise Lost” (hopefully I`ll get to keep the title).  It`s basically about a female Nephilim on the run from a group of Fallen Angels called The Pride (*grin* see what I did there?). The Pride is in search of the Garden of Eden and believes she can lead them to it. Their main motivation for finding it, is to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life in order to gain access to Heaven.  Look even the chick thinks they`re nuts, but since they`re hunting her, she has no choice but to take them seriously.

The Nephilim were written about in Genesis, Sons of God had children with Daughters of Man. After the flood we didn`t hear about them again.  I`ve taken ‘artistic licence’ and created a completely fictional world where a group of Fallen Angels, who didn’t run around with Satan, and a Nephilim realm exists.

So I get it, believe me  I do. I understand the whole concept.

Where I do take up issue with ‘artistic licence’ is when directors, artists or writers do not categorically state, their work is loosely based on Biblical text, and therefore cannot be viewed as a true presentation of them. Don`t even say stuff like “we tried to stay as close to the text and we think we`ve done a pretty good job of doing blah blah blah…” You haven`t, plain and simple. The movie is not a Jewish or Christian movie, in fact it clearly set out to be everything but and that is what Bible believers should know. This is not Noah`s story, this a presentation (not interpretation) of someone`s creative ideas/beliefs written in the context of Noah`s life story.  Noah was merely used as a vessel for them.


I watched this movie not having read any critique about it, not one. I didn`t know what anyone was saying about it. I knew Russell Crowe and Emma Watson starred in it, that`s all. I had no clue who directed it. I knew I was going to have to take everything with a pinch of salt since it`s Hollywood again, but I didn`t realize how much until I watched the movie.  Fallen Angels who were giant rocks. A snake skin passed on through generations with magical, ala Harry Potter style (yes I went there), properties.  The sons of Noah`s age groups mixed up (Ham was the youngest not the middle child). I could have, in a very uncomfortable way, co-exited with these notions, after all it`s a movie. But the moment Darren Aronofsky went all tree-hugging Noah on me, I became annoyed.  So the flood wasn`t because Man was sinful and unholy in God`s sight, but because we cut off all the trees and ate animals raw in a very blood thirsty and savage way?

He lost me.

Again humanistic drivel.

Oh and I bet every woman went, “whaaat?!” When Noah said he`d kill the female baby but will let the male live.

*slaps forehead*

So Noah`s now a killer of babies as well as the rest of humanity? Yep, I got that too. *shaking head* Biblically Noah warned everyone, they didn`t listen. They saw Noah as, some view street corner preachers, a bit of an embarrassment especially when everything`s not going to work out as he professes it would.

No one took him seriously.

In the movie, Cain did. Who seemed to have been alive for a VERY long time, without even looking as decrepit as Noah`s grandfather.  (Oh and btw Adam and Eve had LOTS of kids.)

This version of Noah, I would not recommend for an immature audience (with that I mean you`ve either recently come to the faith or you`re too young to differentiate that this version is vastly different than the Sunday-school one).

This movie did what the director wanted it to do, have people think about the planet and how we treat it. Other than that, there`s nothing else but a Hollywood blockbuster adventure movie. Harsh, but true.

Self Evaluation: 2013 in Review

Hey everyone! A long time no blog! *he he he* Yeah I`m the queen of bad jokes! I`ve decided to reblog The Read Room`s- Self Evaluation : 2013 in Review because 1) I don`t feel much like writing my own ( that would mean getting out of ‘holiday-mode’ and into ‘work-mode’ 2) because I find such a Die Hard spirit in her 2013 resolutions …Read on to see how she did!