Dance of Love Blog Tour: June 2 till June 16


It’s coming up to Dance of Love’s first book anniversary on the 2nd of June and to celebrate there’s a two week blog tour coming up. There are several stops along the way that includes: book reviews, guest posts, and character & author interviews.

A $20 PayPal cash giveaway and discount of $1.99 of Dance of Love at Amazon and All Romance eBooks will be happening with the tour. So don’t miss out on a chance to get your copy!

I would love to celebrate this book anniversary with you, so I’ll keep you posted through the two weeks and on which sites Dance of Love will be hosted from the 2nd of June till the 16th.

You’ll have to follow me on the tour stops to qualify for the cash giveaway.

What’s said about of Dance of Love.

“I’d say Dance of Love is a remarkable story of life, love and chasing dreams, teaching us to never give up on things our heart sets out to achieve but rather to put our best foot forward until we win the battle of fulfillment in the end.”
4 Star Review.

Author Spotlight Wk 1 – Inge Saunders

Last week I was featured on Tracee Garner’ s blog sharing my writing process as a Hybrid author 🙂

Tracee Lydia Garner

1Hi Everyone, 

This week starts an 11 Week Blog Spotlight on the Writing Process. Each week, I’ll feature a fellow writer of varying genres to talk about HOW they write.

Join the discussion by leaving a comment and enjoy each veteran author or new, emerging voice!

First up, Multicultural, New-Adult, Romance Author –

Inge Saunders 

Since I embarked on the romance writing road in 2012 I’ve read so many different takes on authors writing process. From James Scott Bell who starts from the middle of his novel, he believes in writing from the ‘midpoint’ or ‘the point of commitment’ or as others calls it, ‘raising the stakes’. To begin there he states brings illumination over the whole writing project. Then there’s Harlequin author Tawny Weber who, though loves plotting, is not a detailed plotter. She needs three things to start a story: A premise, a good grasp on the characters…

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On Writing Inner Conflict


In romance inner conflict of the character (s) is important, more important than the outer conflict, the physical things that keeps them apart.

Right now I’m working on two manuscripts. The one I’ve written down a couple of chapters, while the other is still in the first three chapters phase. I had sent the latter to someone to read, wanting to know if they’d be interested in the characters from having only read chapter one. Lucky for me they were interested *smile*

Like with all my novels I wrestle with conflict and making it believable. Romance is not easy to write in spite of what people may think. In fact romance readers are some of the smartest most well read readers you could ever encounter, so to sell them a lackluster conflict could earn you some scratching reviews *ouch*

So how do I in the end come up with believable conflict for my characters? Simple (or not), I work out who the characters are first. Once I have that down, I know what type of conflict would keep them from either falling in love or giving in to love, what would push their boundaries and keep the inner conflict in the story going. For example, in Falling for Mr. Unexpected, Emma does not believe in Mr. Right or even Mr. Right Now. She’s a bit cynical. And when I delved deeper into her character I also realized that wait, this chick has some serious black and white issues. She lives her life in the either it’s right or wrong realm. So what did I do? I handed her a movie star with the reputation of a Regency rake, whose life and view on life is anything but black and white.

So in order to keep conflict going your characters have to be confronted by someone who will challenge that part of themselves that will keep them from ‘surrendering’ to the other character, even though they might feel a strong attraction towards that person.

What keeps the intrigue of such a conflict going till the end of the novel, is tying it in with a bigger theme. In Dance of Love I had the overall theme of going after your dream even if it scares you. In Ashley’s case her dream literally caused her to physically throw up whenever she thought of dancing in front of an audience. But to fulfill her father’s death wish she needs to find courage, inspired by her antagonism towards the love interest Antonio, to overcome her fear.

In romance characters have to earn their happy ending. Like I said, not easy to write *smile* The characters need to overcome their inner conflict, whether it’s fear of rejection, of getting hurt again, of trusting, etc.

In the first half you show why the conflict is a problem, why it’s either keeping them where they are or believing what they believe (why there’s no such thing as Mr. Right). The second half the characters have to resolve this conflict and in a believable way. The reader has to experience the character’s move from “ha yeah right”, to “uh okay maybe”, to “I have hope of this happening”; to finally, “I believe this can happen, I want this to happen.”

Picture that airport scene in a romantic comedy, now backtrack to when the character had the “aha” moment, and then back further to when they had a revelation of ‘seeing’ the other person, etc. Better yet watch those scenes and read them in romance novels. As you write see them (your characters) going through each phase.

The big thing I’ve realized as a writer about inner conflict is this: If I as the writer can’t believe what I’m writing than the reader won’t either. I need to make myself believe that the two characters belong together and why they will be good for each other before I can even write the first page.

Inner conflict is great to explore when you’re outlining your novel. It gives you a clear idea of where you’re going, what to expect and where your characters will end up.

In one of my current WIPs I outlined the inner conflict and then allowed the story to marinate for a month before I started working on it again last week. Some writers don’t need that long to start typing, but I do. The heart of a romance novel, I believe, lies in the inner conflict of the main characters. To miss this would surely cause the story to tamper down in the first half and not have much going for it in the second.

If you’re going to write a best friends to lovers story, then by all means show exactly why they are such great friends and why it would be a crime for them to become more than that. But as you reveal this to me, also show how these exact same things is the reasons why they are absolutely without a shadow of a doubt made for each other. Even if the lady doth protest too much, then by the end of it all protesting must be done with because she just couldn’t resist the inexplicable attraction she felt towards her best friend. Goodness AND they share an awesome friendship too *bug eyed* Bonus! But if the lady doth protest too much and by the end of the book her protest made more sense than them getting together, than you have a problem. The reader will not suspend logic for your ‘happy ending’.

So to sum up, your character’s inner conflict must be explained in the first half of the story and dispelled in the second. It’s the driving force for your characters; it keeps them from committing right off the bat. And it also ties in with the overarching theme of your novel.


Release Day: Dance of Love by Inge Saunders

So in an episode of The Returned a woman *spoiler alert* starts having a panic attack after being questioned about evidence from a crime committed against her a couple of years before. She tells them that none of the jewellery they found was hers, and then she starts to hyperventilate. Now why this was so significant to me (apart from the fact that I`m so loving this series!) is that in Dance of Love the heroine also experiences a panic attack and the editor who worked on content edits with me, basically said that when a person has a panic attack they`re not aware of it happening until it happens *wide eyed* Yeah, I know, I also didn`t agree with that.
A panic attack can be a gradual process. It doesn`t always come on ‘suddenly’ and out of ‘nowhere’. The stress was definitely there long before or the stressful situation clues the person in on an oncoming attack. As someone who`ve experienced panic attacks I knew personally that, yep you can be very aware of the fact that you`re about to have one and while you`re having it, also freak out about the fact that you`re having one. Sometimes an attack can leave you completely paralysed. Like you can`t do anything, but your heart`s beating at such an alarming rate you honestly believe you`re about to die. Then there`s the attacks where you can`t sit still. You have to move. But you don`t know where you`re going and you can`t breathe, so you think outside`s the best place for you to be. Only you get outside and there`s noise and people and the world, so you freak out even more.
I think the worse place to be when you`re experiencing a full blown panic attack, is in a car. Which is why I let my heroine have a mild one, I couldn`t have her jumping out in traffic and spoiling my whole plot. Of course I explained to the editor why the heroine would be aware of her rising stress/anxiety. And why it`s needed for the scene. I also toned down my dramatics, which made for a nice tightly written scene. In the end it worked out and I hope you think so too since Dance of Love is releasing TODAY! *yay*
Here’s the details!


What would you do if you had to audition for the Simon Cowell of a dance company?
All roads lead to Rome when Ashley embarks on fulfilling her dream to become a world-class dancer.
But there’s one person who stands in her way. “That’s a no from me” Antonio Machiavelli.

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Talking Upcoming Release: Dance of Love

Dance of Love is my 2nd book with Decadent Publishing. It came about when I entered one of Harlequin UK`s April Pitch competitions. I came in the Top 5, but sadly (then) didn`t get a full request and I have to add, I`m glad for that because at the time I didn`t have a full manuscript. I`d entered the competition on a whim thinking I had no fighting chance, so why not give my writing brain some exercise. I loved the story so much I completed it anyway and after having submitted Falling for Mr. Unexpected to DP, I decided to try with Dance of Love too. The rest as they say is history *smile* But today I wanted to ‘talk’ about a particular ‘scene’ in DoL. A scene inspired by a TV show and a group of girls I shared varsity digs with. I really couldn`t say what had made us do it. It was just so random, so spontaneous. But I think some or other female drama was going on in the flat ( what we loosely referred to as our ‘penthouse’), we`ve been in the kitchen/living area, on a Friday night (after a very hectic post-grad week for me), just catching up. I`d joined the group after  the weekly get-together had already started. Though I have to add, I wasn`t a weekly attendant here, my studies had turned me into a hermit most of the time. So I`m walking in on lively conversations, snacks, drinks etc. And basically an all-girl get-together. There`s some subtext going on, but I decided to ignore it. I honestly wouldn`t have even known what it was about, so I just spaced it out. As the evening went on certain things came to light, but again, I wasn`t part of it so I just spaced it out. Music was blaring and I was kind of surprised no one had come to tell us to shut up *laughs* Because we were loud, and not just music wise. Anyway, with all this going on, I noticed one of my flatmates had slipped away and I wondered where she could be. But I didn`t go investigate yet. Instead I soaked up the conversations around me, mellowed in the togetherness and letting off some steam. Then I headed to the bathroom, because you know short people with small bladders…need I say more? lol And after I head to my room to put some hand lotion on my hands (cause I`m fancy like that *wink*), something told me to go check on the flatmate who had disappeared earlier. The sound system was in her room, she`d acted as the ‘deejay’ although anyone who wanted to change the music could. And there she was, jumping up and down to a song. Just jumping in her own little world. And for some reason to me this looks like the most brilliant idea ever and I joined her. And the two of us was just dance jumping, enjoying the song, eyes closed to the world. Then the song changed and I opened my eyes and I saw some others had joined us and we just keep on jump-dancing. No one really caring what the other was doing, together in our mutual acceptance of the other`s solitude, while doing the exact same thing. This event made it into Dance of Love when Ashley has to confront a particularly vicious tabloid attack and none of them has a solution. The situation had become so ridiculous that to become mad and angry wouldn`t serve a purpose at all. So her flatmates Thandi and Meaghan starts jumping up and down and force her to do the same. This moment helps to centre her, to keep her mind off what had happened and also brings forth this image of her not being alone. That sometimes even in your ‘solitude’ there are people going through/doing the exact same thing you’re doing, and though you might feel like your on your own, you`re not. There are people willing to ‘jump’ with you, even though they don`t have all the answers and they can`t fix things for you. They`ll jump with you. In a way I think we were all in that moment, subconsciously tapping into the power that`s Shonda Rhimes and Grey`s Anatomy. All of us were fans of the show and I guess that`s what made it so easy for me to understand this concept. I didn`t ask her ‘why are you dance-jumping alone?’ I just knew she needed to and that she wouldn`t mind if I needed to, too. If only all things in life was that easy to understand, as Ashley also finds out in Dance of Love. Dance of Love releases 2 June 2015 Dance-of-Love_banner Blurb: All roads lead to Rome when Ashley Solomons embarks on fulfilling her dream to become a world-class dancer. But there’s one person who stands in her way. “It`s a no from me,” Antonio Machiavelli. When Antonio’s auditions for a lead principal end in wintry Cape Town, the last thing he expects is to have more than a knee-jerk reaction to an audition. Ashley not only verbally challenges him, but also translates her fire and cheekiness into an edge of your seat performance. Can Antonio keep his distance from Ashley? Can Ashley focus on fulfilling her dream of becoming a lead principal? Or will love have its way?



I write what amuses me, what intrigues me and makes me go ‘oh oh’.

My romance novels tend to be on the light and frothy side. It`s a nice scoop of creamy ice-cream when you crave something sweet and decadent.

So far I`ve written three contemporary romance novels, two of them set for release and the other I`m still self-editing. In recent months I`ve had so many different stories floating round in my head. Some I`ve plotted out, even writing a complete synopsis. Others I`ve finished the 1st three chapters just to see how much I liked the story. Others were half a page of planning or only one significant line that carried the feeling and message of the story.

But last week I experienced the same sensation I got when I wrote my 1st three romance novels. The ‘oh oh’ with an added ‘ah ha’ moment. I sat up straight as Maroon 5 crooned in my ears. I`ve pondered a story like this on and off for a couple of years, mainly because I didn`t know which approach to take. How do I start without it being a cliché or what if I write the opening with a good cliché but with my own spin? Which trope to apply? There`s so many *deep sigh*

So I would leave it and revisit the idea whenever I find a similar book in my hands. I would literally inhale the book to see if someone out there had done what I`ve been trying to work out how to do *shaking head* I knew what the main theme of the book would be, love obviously *grin* But I wanted the setting to be different…for it to have a bit of me in it…rather than the typical music inspired novel.

Ah! Finally she gets to what the book `s about! *laugh*


Yes, I`m fascinated by music and the music industry. I also love to study celebrity culture. Yes, study not obsess about, I`m not an ENews reporter *raised eyebrow* But since I already touched on some aspects of this culture in Falling for Mr. Unexpected, I didn`t want to do the same with this book. In Dance of Love the focus was on a very tough Ballet Boot-camp and fierce dancing competition. Here the paparazzi featured as a secondary character in the book. I didn`t want to do that again, not to the extent I`ve done before anyway.

So when Maroon 5`s Daylight came on my playlist something clicked in my head. I saw this guy stand on stage, lead singer of a punk rock band, belting out a soul rendering song while in the audience my- very reluctant to be in a smoky concert hall- heroine stood transfixed. The image kept popping up whenever I heard the song in oncoming days. I was busy doing edits so couldn`t delve head first into writing it, but I did do a couple of pages, just basically writing the image in more vivid detail.

But I had no back-story. I didn`t know how she got to the concert. What motivated her since she clearly didn`t want to be there. And was this band really so mesmerizing that she literally forgot her lack of enthusiasm or was there more? Did she know the lead singer perhaps?

For days these questions plagued until I pushed them away from me since I couldn`t be walking in the clouds all day long because ‘real’ life usually  pulled me out of it, quite cruelly I might add *pulls face*

But as these things go, eventually the storyline popped up again while watching an episode of some series. I couldn’t even recall which one, but it was so unrelated with my story`s theme that it`s a miracle it came to me. I even got an initial title for the book, Elastic Heart. The back-story now played on my mind, but even now as I`m writing this, I still know it`s not ready yet.

It needs to marinate some more *grin* And no I`m not going to give the story away just yet *wink* What I will reveal is this, there is history. There might be a chance meeting. And our heroine will find herself falling in love *duh Inge* and learning many, many life lessons along the way.

I`ve heard (when I say heard I mean read) many authors say they love writing books that dealt with real people living real lives.

My stories may seem to some as a complete escape from reality, but they`re someone`s reality. They`re someone`s exception to the rule. No not everyone finds themselves in the limelight, not everyone`s career`s a high profile one, not everyone has ambitions of becoming a ‘star’ and that`s the beauty of life. You don`t have to be anything you don`t want to be. But I love writing stories about people/characters who went into the most criticised and judged industries out there and made a name for themselves. People who went off the beaten path and said, ‘I dare to achieve my dreams’. This is my main motivation for writing stories set within the world of Pop Culture and subsequently Celebrity Culture.

I`m looking forward to when I`ll sit down to ‘pen’ down Elastic Heart, the story`s burnt a Kimberley sized hole in my heart *ahem* wanting to leap out at every turn. But for now, it`s onto my edits for Lycan Legacy my YA/New Adult series on Wattpad.

I also write YA

What many of my author friends and well, most people who know me, don’t know is, I don`t just write Contemporary Romances. I also write Young Adult novels, specifically supernatural, science fiction and fantasy.

Oh why you ask? *grin*

It`s where I started. Of course I didn`t know what category I was writing in, I just labeled them teen novels/stories.

My first YA was a contemporary comedy romance called The Taming of a Teenaged Shrew. At the time a close friend of mine spurred me on to finish it. I had given her 60 pages to read, because I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in the story. The next day on my way to the cafeteria she asked me, when I could email her the next installment. And I know it`s so cliché, but that`s when it really hit me. I could possibly tell a story that at least one person would read! lol

I went on to write stories that now would be classified as New Adult but stuck to my YA roots when 3 years ago I started writing Lycan Legacy after having read Twilight and simply wanting to tell a story where you could interact with a more sophisticated werewolf (not knocking Jacob! Love him!)


Again, I used my friends as Beta Readers. This time I asked 3 of them with completely different personalities and preferences when it came to books, to read my story. Those 3 readers spurned a whole 3 book series.

I literally would picture them as I wrote it, anticipating how they would react. Each had their favorite characters they were rooting for. It started becoming a Team Michael and Team Eli thing (the main male characters of the series and twin brothers in the story).

Michael & Eli aka Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) & Thomas McDonall (The 100).




Oh man I had such fun messing with their heads *laughs* and now as they`re busy reading the third installment, I`m the one biting my nails.

Lycan Legacy`s closer to me than most of the stories I’ve written so far, other than The Taming of a Teenage Shrew- it had been my first attempt *smile*

For 3 years I had these characters living with me. It was tough to say goodbye to them last year November (I had finished it during NANO even though I hadn`t officially taken part).

A fellow ROSA had pointed me to Wattpad when I first joined the writing group. And I opened an account initially with an unfinished story The Last Vampire Prince, but then later took it down because I simply didn`t have time to finish it. I had been working on Falling for Mr. Unexpected and had entered in for a pitch competition with Harlequin Presents UK. I was one of their April Top 5 Winners and had to finish my book Dance of Love *slaps forehead* I`ll never enter a writing competition again without a finished manuscript. I`ve learned my lesson! *laughs*

So I wasn`t active on Wattpad. But I knew that on this site, all the Young Adult readers congregate *grin* and as part of letting my YA flag fly, I`ve recently posted three chapters of Lycan Legacy in ten parts.

Here`s the blurb:

What happens when a young girl learns she forms part of an alien Lycan race?

When eighteen year old Michael Storm revealed he’s a werewolf to Emily Adams she thought, “no one saw me getting into his car!”

Emily yearned for peace, to deal with her father`s suicide without interfering student counselors and make graduation. But fate intervenes as she`s thrown into a powerful Lycan Legacy.

 Her life intertwines with Michael`s as they face:  Lycan transformation, parental tyranny as in ‘you can`t mark on her, she`s a half-breed werewolf’ and a villain determined on creating a super Lycan army.  A climatic fight for survival propels an unlikely heroine to the forefront.

Here`s the link to Wattpad:     Do check it out and vote!

Oh and here`s Emily Adams aka Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) *wink*



Guest Post by Leigh Hann


Inside These Lines welcomes fellow ROSA member, author Leigh Hann. Leigh joined ROSA a month or two after I did. We were the newbies and I instantly had a connection with her because of this. We learned the ropes together and around the same timeframe got our first book contracts. So it gives me immense pleasure to introduce Leigh Hann and her first release, The Beauty of Freedom to everyone.

Take it away Leigh!

Inge, Thank You so much for having me, allowing me to ramble on and on about my story! I’ve had the privilege to be a beta-reader on one of Inge Saunders` novels which is set to be released very soon and I can tell you-she is one talented writer! Loved her writing style and story.

Being with someone in a relationship and not returning the love-it’s heartbreaking.

Rejection becomes nauseating. Betrayal tears your heart into pieces. Heartache consumes you and clouds your logical thinking. Anxiety takes over spitting you out on the other side leaving flesh and bone to dissolve with time.

I grew up among people be it family members or friends of friends, divorce was the next best thing in town. What happened to old fashioned love? Was it ever viable or was it mere an illusion decade after decade? What really happens behind closed doors? What happens within a partner’s heart when deceit has hooked its nails into your flesh and lies are the only thing you can come up with?

I’ve observed people where the one has given his or her whole heart to their spouse, but the love could not be returned. Be it due to loving someone else, adultery or just not seeing eye to eye-the other half is guaranteed to be left with a broken heart and scarred soul.

Lea truly loves Connor, yet not on a conscious level where she can meet him. Connor unfortunately became too comfortable within his own mind thinking Lea will automatically follow his mindset. Bill has a rude awakening when he meets Lea, not knowing or being able to explain exactly what he experiences when they are within close proximity, yet something deep within him stirs, not once being able to release her. He has to have her and within time challenges the journey to find out what it is about her.

Divorce within my own experiences has always been such an ugly word. Immediately you cower your head and see blackness when the subject is raised. But what if the people directly involved truly loved one another, may it be on different levels or the same. Then again, sacrifices had to be made, because no matter how deep the love grew, there is always someone who can’t stand being the cause of hurt and turmoil. They’d rather suffer and endure circumstances than riding off in the sunset with their other half.




Lea Finley’s daily routine begins with meditation. Today, though, she cannot focus. There’s something blocking her efforts. She and Connor have been married for five years. Though she might not have the perfect marriage, her life seems peaceful. To prioritize her head, she decides to go on a short trip. Lea is a strong believer in living your passions. She paints for a living and believes strongly in her spirituality. But when she meets Bill Hammington, confusion hits her between the eyes. Lea is on an emotional rollercoaster. She is drawn to Bill, but at the same time she battles with guilt over Connor. After all, Lea is not ‘that kind of a woman.’ She does not believe in cheating. Through all darkness and turmoil, there is beauty, love, forgiveness, and laughter.


“When you see the one you love with somebody else.

When the one you love does not recognize you or acknowledges you.

When the one you love walks by hand in hand with the other and he sees you standing there, but he chooses to ignore you because it make the hurt much less . . . For who?

Sadness and heaviness consumes your heart.

A piece of lead stuck in your chest and a lump in your throat.

Anxiety rushing through your veins and stinging you.

Confusion and anger, but all give in to the mercy of hurt.

The ultimate betrayal.

Why does he not choose you?

Why can he not see you?

Why can we not be together?

Since you are the perfect match.

Oh God!

Nails grow on your fingertips. You put your hand to your chest and dig in to rip out your heart, because the pain is unbearable.

Pools of tears well up your sockets and break through the wall pouring down like an angry waterfall, only to give no relief.

Your chest closes up; muscle spasms choke you from the inside and force the life out of your body.

 You scream for some relief, only to plump down to the floor with no voice.

Staring out in front of you and whispering softly to the wind- Please! Dissolve my body and make me disappear. Please- I beg for mercy from this monstrous hurt.”

The Beauty of Freedom is available on Amazon as eBook and will be released in print within approximately 9 months’ time.

Here is the link:

Readers can find me on my website and Facebook.

What does a South African Rom Com movie look like?


Enter Giveaway at the end of blog!

It`s our amazing 2014 Ubuntu Line April Blog Hop. So far you`ve been introduced to some great authors from the African continent and island (Mauritius) surrounding it. Our theme is Pop Culture and if you`ve noticed of late, I`ve had posts already tying my book in with the theme.

Since I`ve written a romance comedy, it started me thinking: What does a South African Rom Com movie look like? I instantly thought of a film directed and co-written by Henk Pretorius, Fanie Fourie’s Lobola: A feel good film that lightly addresses cultural divides and also an emerging culture in Post-Apartheid SA. It`s a contemporary romantic comedy about love and tradition in a rapidly evolving society. (You can find the official trailer here )


It showcases how deeply romantic comedies have become embedded in the Pop Culture of the world. You can literally pick up a Rom Com movie/book from anywhere in the world and enjoy yourself, no matter what cultural or traditional matter it deals with. I`m thinking now of Zee`s Island Girls Trilogy where Indian culture is the backdrop for her stories.

Since Falling for Mr. Unexpected is still in the editing process I decided to share an excerpt with you and hope you`ll forgive the ‘rawness’ *laugh*It`s an out-and-out contemporary romance comedy/chicklit novel.

I posted a blurb in the previous post! So I`ll only set up the ‘scene’ for the excerpt. Before this point in the story Emma had begged off going on holiday with her friend Nomsa, she had a nightmare of a flashback that involved her on a date with one of Nomsa`s cousins. An IT-guy who liked long walks on the beach *raised eyebrow* Yeah Emma also thought that was a red flag *wink* She sufficiently wiggled her way out of the holiday and headed for what she thought was her brother in-law`s beach house in Strand.


So without further introduction here`s Emma and Damian`s first clash *cough* I mean introduction to each other *grin*


Emma rushed in through the patio door and screamed a loud ear-splitting scream.


Before her stood a half-naked man, dressed only in a white towel.

As this knowledge registered, so did the fact she wore little else but her underwear. Her eyes were out of their sockets and she still hadn`t stopped screaming. “Ah!”

“Would you stop it!” The half-naked stranger yelled in a deep baritone causing her to clip her mouth shut.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? I`m calling the police!”

He didn`t even flinch at her nakedness, instead he turned his back on her and stalked to the small side table next to a big white and blue sofa.

Before his huge frame could obscure her vision, she made out a black cordless phone.

Her chest heaved. Oh my goodness, he`s serious!

“I`m sick and tired of this,” he said into the phone, and waited for whomever to pick up on the other side. “If it`s not underwear in the mail, naked photos on my car`s windshields.” He looked to her. “It`s running around naked in my home.”

His fiery eyes burned holes into her.

“What?” she blurted out. She clutched her dry clothes in front of herself. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”


*laughs* I had fun writing this book!

Now here`s for the truly fun part. You get a chance at an 30$ Amazon gift card and AMAZING books!

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Don’t forget to check out the other authors in this tour! Here’s the lineup:

8 April – Kathy Bosman

9 April – Zee Monodee – Author’s Corner

10 April – Nana Prah – Writing Romance and Loving Life

11 April – Inge Saunders – Inside These Lines

14 April – Kiru Taye Writes

15 April – Alissa Baxter

16 April – back at Kathy Bosman‘s for a final chance to enter.


And enroll in our giveaway

“I`m a Writer Damn`it!”

I screamed that at the top of my lungs when I made the Top 5 Winners in the Harlequin Presents April 2013 Pitch challenge.  The pitch relied solely on no more than 2000 words specifically about when the heroine and hero first spot each other.  Nothing else. No synopsis. No concise but quirky query letter or blurb. Just those 2000words.  And mine had made it for Harlequin Presents UK.  And yes I am one of those people who`ve never really won anything in my life before, unless of course you count the food hamper I won at my local Spar last year (and I do), than I have won something before. But not like this. Not with something that means so much to me. Something I drink, eat, sleep, bleed and then do all of those things all over again!

I think every writer at this point`s nodding their head. The acknowledgement that I do have a story that interests an editor was huge to me, I wasn`t just writing for myself or my friends, I could write for others. It blew my mind. Had me running up and down the hallway screaming “I`m a writer damn`it!” Because dear reader it took me awhile to come to the point of saying it out loud, of becoming true to a passion that was born in me since age fourteen.

When you`ve been raised in a certain way, in a very academic slash follow the white collar professional path, than you didn`t consider the arts, no matter how much talent you may have (yeah I know I just called myself talented but it wasn`t intentional) you had to make a turn at Uni, get a couple of degrees and then go line up with CV in hand for whatever title you`ve given yourself over to. And the funny thing was, there are so many artistically talented people in my family that I`m kind of surprised at the fact that no one had ever thought to take that route, this route.

But that`s a story for another blog *grin*

I would be lying if I said that the journey till this point wasn`t worth it.  I`ve had the Uni experience, got my Honors degree and did a stint teaching. But those weren`t the things that had made it tough to say, I`m a writer. No.

It was all the voices crowding on the outside and inside, trying to shape me and mold me into a form that fit them. Because for some reason they had worked out that my life, my choices are theirs and not mine. And you know what, that “we only want the best for you” nonsense only works when it’s in line with what you also want. Any other time it`s uttered it just scars.

It took me two years to knife the voices inside and to blatantly disregard the ones on the outside. In this time I`ve lost a beloved aunt to cancer and it forced me to think about how you only have one life to live and how you need to make every moment count.  There`s no second chance, a do over when you`re dead.

I stopped being double minded, I stopped caring about what others would think of me as a Contemporary Romance and Young Adult writer. If it makes them happy to judge me, fault me for following my passion, my dream of doing something I enjoyed and loved, than fine. But I still wouldn`t care. I`ll be pitching my next story, writing my next 50k and revel in the fact I`m not the only one who thinks I`m a writer damn`it!