My “Booth” @ Africa Online Book Fair 2017

Yesterday was the start of the Africa Online Book Fair: Romance Authors & Books! I’m very excited to be part of the fair and also to be hosting some awesome writers on our event page

I was the first author to open their “booth”. I have 4 posts: 1st introducing myself, 2nd a Amazon discount offer of Falling for Mr. Unexpected, 3rd a Amazon discount offer of Dance of Love and the 4th a spotlight on my new release The Wolf’s Choice. The discounts lasts until Monday (5 June).

If you want to learn more about me, come have a chat with me at the online book fair. I’m going to hang around the whole weekend!

If you found my blog via the Africa Online Book Fair, than browse around and subscribe to get regular updates from me (I promise I don’t flood people’s email).

If you want to go straight to the Amazon discounts, here are the links:

Falling For Mr Unexpected discount banner

Falling for Mr. Unexpected

Dance of Love discount banner

Dance of Love

And if you like shape-shifter paranormal romance here’s the links to The Wolf’s Choice (Black Hills Wolves #64):

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Amazon: Kindle Store





Blog Tour: The Wolf’s Choice

Today is the start of the blog tour for The Wolf’s Choice! And the first stop is a review stop by Splashes Into Books. If you haven’t got a copy of the book yet, read what they had to say about it 🙂

The Wolf's Choice_500x750

Here are all the tour dates: and on FB page – bookshook 4/18/17 4/20/17
Http:// 4/21/17 & 4/21/17 4/22/17 4/23/17 4/24/17 4/29/17 5/1/17 5/2/17 5/3/17 5/4/17 5/5/17 5/6/17 5/7/17 5/8/17 5/9/17 5/10/17 5/11/17 5/11/17 5/12/17


Here’s Why I Like Paranormal Romances

I’m the generation that grew up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed.  And I still own DVDs of both series, plus the Charmed books. The latter I bought a couple of years ago.

Since I can remember I’ve had a fascination with the supernatural. When I discovered Anne Rice in high school I was hooked to vampires in print. With Twilight and the Vampire Dairies paranormal romances experienced resurgence, especially amongst teens. And also in my reading world.

I’d been deep in a chicklit vortex by then. Loving romance sprinkled with humor and life and really relatable fantastic heroines. I hadn’t realized at the time that these ‘dark creatures’ of the paranormal world, would signal the end of my obsession with chicklit. But they had. And I’m not sorry *grin*

Paranormal romances like their TV shows and movies offers worlds where diversity is celebrated. Where being different is the norm.  There isn’t an expected blue print, in terms of the main characters racial or cultural background. Werewolves can come from any continent. They will still have a connection/something in common with shape-shifting wolves around the world. And that’s what, I realized, kept drawing me back to the paranormal genre.

It’s one of the things I like about paranormal romances.

Another thing I like about them is this, the badass characters male and female who in spite of living on the fringes of society, still thrive, still make their mark on the world. As a person of color, coming from SA with its history of Apartheid, I can relate to these shape-shifters. Even in romance, paranormal romances are not the ‘star’ genre. It’s not considered literary genius, even though it tests the reader’s ideas of ‘normal’ and acceptance.

I not only feel comfortable writing these types of stories, I celebrate them. I read them. I buy them.

So if you were wondering, why after two contemporary romance novels, I’ve written a paranormal romance about werewolves, these are some of my reasons. Though the biggest one has to be, I simply enjoy them. And I hope that when you pick up your copy of The Wolf’s Choice, you’ll be able to experience how much I loved writing this paranormal romance.

The Wolf's Choice_500x750

Preorder Buy Link:

The Wolf’s Choice (Black Hills Wolves Book 64): Amazon:Kindle Store

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Sold! The Wolf’s Choice!

What every author loves to hear when it comes to their stories, “we are offering you a contract.”

I’m officially part of the Black Hills Wolves pack! Okay fine, not the Tao Pack, but certainly part of the Author Pack who makes this wonderful shape-shifter series howl with awesome characters.

Yep, I’m a werewolf nut. If Stephanie Meyer hadn’t written Edward Cullen so gorgeous, I would’ve been Team Jacob. Just saying.

So here’s a sneak peak at the not-yet-edited blurb. I hope you love it!

*And to all the readers who love my contemporary romances, I am working on another flirty romance but in the meantime, enjoy Rebecca and Blaine.



“I’ll pledge my loyalty to you through a blood oath, if you support my choice of mate.”

Drew sat back in his chair. “What does Rebecca have to say? The last time I spoke to her, she didn’t mention you.”

Blaine smiled. He hadn’t earned himself any favors. “She doesn’t know yet.”                         


Thirteen years ago Rebecca Ferguson died, at least to everyone in the Black Hills territory. With a human mother and unable to shift into a wolf, Magnum Toa, the deranged Alpha of the Toa Pack would’ve had both her and her father killed for deceiving him. Magnum didn’t allow humans to mate with members of his pack.

Now Magnum is the one who’s dead and Rebecca can return.

But coming back from the dead, building a new life after her divorce and opening a library in town isn’t the only obstacles Rebecca faces. Elijah, her father, doesn’t approve of her being in Los Lobos to the point where he forbids her to get involved with the pack, especially the males.

Their relationship has suffered because of her absence and she hopes to bridge the divide; confident that she doesn’t want a romantic entanglement with anyone human or wolf, anyway.

In walks sexy private detective Blaine Walker.

Thirteen years ago Blaine stumbled on his mate at the local Swimming Hole. The next day, she was dead. Once he learns Rebecca is alive and living in Los Lobos, he decides it’s time to give up his career in Brooklyn and return to Black Hills. But he knows it won’t be easy to claim her since Elijah’s unnaturally overprotective. The only way Elijah will back off is to challenge him.

A challenge that will end in one of their deaths.

The Toa Pack’s rebuilding itself and needs to guard against any threats outside or in. For Blaine to have any chance to claim Rebecca Elijah needs to be dealt with and to deal with Elijah, Drew, the Alpha of the Toa Pack, has to sanction the challenge according to pack law.

Rebecca can’t deny the old attraction she felt for Blaine is still there and even stronger now that they are grownup. She’s caught between the man fate has brought back to her and her father, whose affection she craved her whole life.

But there’s a secret governing Elijah’s erratic behavior that can cost Rebecca everything she’s worked hard to build and everything she thought she could never have with a man or wolf.

Will Rebecca and Blaine beat the odds stacked against them?

Or will the choices they make ultimately lead them down a path both of them don’t want?



Dance of Love Tour


It’s here! Dance of Love’s first anniversary tour! *pops some sparkly*

$20 Paypal cash is up for grabs. Follow the scheduled stops to be eligible for the ‪#‎Giveaway‬. Also don’t forget, Dance of Love is on discount at Amazon and All Romance eBooks! ‪

#‎DanceofLove‬ Come join the tour!

Here’s the schedule for the virtual tour stops:

June 2nd: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

June 4th: Promo Post @ Maari Loves Her Indies

June 5th: Book Excerpt @ The Bookworm Lodge

June 6th: Promo Post @ Stormy Night Reviewing

June 6th: Promo Post @ Romantic Fanatic

June 7th: Author Interview @ Bedazzled Reading

June 9th: Promo and Giveaway @ Tome Tender’s Blog

June 12th: Character Interview @ The Book Daily

June 13th: Promo Post @ Bare Back Magazine Blog

June 15th: Book Review and Giveaway @ I Heart Reading

June 16th: Book Excerpt @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

Discount on Dance of Love at Amazon: Amazon and All Romance eBooks.

Only $1.99 at Amazon and All Romance eBooks.

Dance of Love Blog Tour: June 2 till June 16


It’s coming up to Dance of Love’s first book anniversary on the 2nd of June and to celebrate there’s a two week blog tour coming up. There are several stops along the way that includes: book reviews, guest posts, and character & author interviews.

A $20 PayPal cash giveaway and discount of $1.99 of Dance of Love at Amazon and All Romance eBooks will be happening with the tour. So don’t miss out on a chance to get your copy!

I would love to celebrate this book anniversary with you, so I’ll keep you posted through the two weeks and on which sites Dance of Love will be hosted from the 2nd of June till the 16th.

You’ll have to follow me on the tour stops to qualify for the cash giveaway.

What’s said about of Dance of Love.

“I’d say Dance of Love is a remarkable story of life, love and chasing dreams, teaching us to never give up on things our heart sets out to achieve but rather to put our best foot forward until we win the battle of fulfillment in the end.”
4 Star Review.

My Name is Rue (A Rapunzel Story) #Excerpt

I finally finished my Rapunzel story and thought I’d share an excerpt in celebration *smile* Oh & Jessica Parker Kennedy’s the main character, Rue’s, celebrity lookalike.


Here’s the Unedited Blurb for My Name is Rue (A Rapunzel Story):

Rapunzel, aka Rue, is alone on a spaceship for thirteen years as part of a military programme in preparation to work for a defence and exploration company called The Corporation. But her training gets rudely interrupted by a Prince of the Realm, Syed Rune from the planet Ceylun.

Rune hasn’t been home for over a decade and as he heads for Ceylun he’s asked to pick up a human child, instead he finds a striking human female who believes they are kidnapping her. Rune questions why Rue’s allowed to take part in his planet’s war training programme, while Rue questions why no one informed her she’s about to be released. Humans distrust other interstellar beings, so why send an alien to transport her?

But more so their mutual attraction shocks them. While Rune tries to come to terms with this revelation, he also realizes he has to keep his distance from Rue because any interaction between them will be frowned upon. Rue’s world is turned upside down. She struggles with the fact that The Corporation might not have her best interest at heart, as well as her feelings for Rune. And why is she considered important to Ceylun’s survival?

Will Rue and Rune get their ‘happily ever after’ in spite of the obstacles in their path?

Unedited Excerpt:

“Come on Gothel you old goose, establish a connection,” she whispered.
“I’m not at full capacity and I will have you know I’m the latest in‒”
“Yeah, yeah I know you’re what all the cool kids are wearing, I still need to get out of here, please tell me you’re able to get on the ship’s wave length.”
“All communications are down.”
“What?” Her heart lurched in her chest.
“Syed Rune ordered all systems be shut down. The ship’s an ark right now.”
“I’m not appreciating the imagery at the moment Gothel.”
“I am sorry Rue.”
She blinked. That’s the first time Gothel called her Rue, their situation must be dire. Then she caught on to what Gothel had said. “Prince Rune?” She had been schooled on the basics of Ceylun’s ruling system.
“The Universal Council ended the programme.”
Rue’s brain tripped over the information. Before she could question Gothel further the door slid open. Four efficient humanoid soldiers clad in figure hugging dark-grey and navy-blue uniforms made their way into the room and spread themselves across the breadth, their presence took up the space.
Then in stepped an alien so tall, broad, and imposing she wanted to scramble away from him. Nothing about him made her believe he’d go easy on an opponent. He could be her enemy, for all she knew, no matter what Gothel said about him. Instinct as old as time, made Rue recognize that if she showed him, the leader, apparent from the formal shirt and insignia he wore, how he intimidated her, it would cost her.
She made her back straight and took on a solid stance. The virtual combat series she trained with might come in handy.
The four soldiers stood to attention, though as big as the leader in front of her, Gothel could distract them with one of her illusions. Then all she had to do was deal with him.
Her gaze swept back to his. Inky black eyes stared back into hers and showed no emotion. They reminded her of the white sharks she’d viewed on her video clips of Earth’s ocean.
He had sharp high cheekbones, his skin a golden bronze. His raven hair closely cropped on one side exposing his ear in stark contrast to the other, which remained partially covered.
He moved his head a fraction and his straight hair flopped to the side of his face obscuring his eye. For the forces, the cut was unconventional, made him seem human.
There were many humanoid species in the universe. Still, this alien disconcerted her and she couldn’t say why. Yes she’s on edge because she didn’t know what they wanted with her. But then again she shouldn’t be noting his sensuous full lips pursed into a hard line.

*Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!

Release Day: Dance of Love by Inge Saunders

So in an episode of The Returned a woman *spoiler alert* starts having a panic attack after being questioned about evidence from a crime committed against her a couple of years before. She tells them that none of the jewellery they found was hers, and then she starts to hyperventilate. Now why this was so significant to me (apart from the fact that I`m so loving this series!) is that in Dance of Love the heroine also experiences a panic attack and the editor who worked on content edits with me, basically said that when a person has a panic attack they`re not aware of it happening until it happens *wide eyed* Yeah, I know, I also didn`t agree with that.
A panic attack can be a gradual process. It doesn`t always come on ‘suddenly’ and out of ‘nowhere’. The stress was definitely there long before or the stressful situation clues the person in on an oncoming attack. As someone who`ve experienced panic attacks I knew personally that, yep you can be very aware of the fact that you`re about to have one and while you`re having it, also freak out about the fact that you`re having one. Sometimes an attack can leave you completely paralysed. Like you can`t do anything, but your heart`s beating at such an alarming rate you honestly believe you`re about to die. Then there`s the attacks where you can`t sit still. You have to move. But you don`t know where you`re going and you can`t breathe, so you think outside`s the best place for you to be. Only you get outside and there`s noise and people and the world, so you freak out even more.
I think the worse place to be when you`re experiencing a full blown panic attack, is in a car. Which is why I let my heroine have a mild one, I couldn`t have her jumping out in traffic and spoiling my whole plot. Of course I explained to the editor why the heroine would be aware of her rising stress/anxiety. And why it`s needed for the scene. I also toned down my dramatics, which made for a nice tightly written scene. In the end it worked out and I hope you think so too since Dance of Love is releasing TODAY! *yay*
Here’s the details!


What would you do if you had to audition for the Simon Cowell of a dance company?
All roads lead to Rome when Ashley embarks on fulfilling her dream to become a world-class dancer.
But there’s one person who stands in her way. “That’s a no from me” Antonio Machiavelli.

Buy Links:
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Talking Upcoming Release: Dance of Love

Dance of Love is my 2nd book with Decadent Publishing. It came about when I entered one of Harlequin UK`s April Pitch competitions. I came in the Top 5, but sadly (then) didn`t get a full request and I have to add, I`m glad for that because at the time I didn`t have a full manuscript. I`d entered the competition on a whim thinking I had no fighting chance, so why not give my writing brain some exercise. I loved the story so much I completed it anyway and after having submitted Falling for Mr. Unexpected to DP, I decided to try with Dance of Love too. The rest as they say is history *smile* But today I wanted to ‘talk’ about a particular ‘scene’ in DoL. A scene inspired by a TV show and a group of girls I shared varsity digs with. I really couldn`t say what had made us do it. It was just so random, so spontaneous. But I think some or other female drama was going on in the flat ( what we loosely referred to as our ‘penthouse’), we`ve been in the kitchen/living area, on a Friday night (after a very hectic post-grad week for me), just catching up. I`d joined the group after  the weekly get-together had already started. Though I have to add, I wasn`t a weekly attendant here, my studies had turned me into a hermit most of the time. So I`m walking in on lively conversations, snacks, drinks etc. And basically an all-girl get-together. There`s some subtext going on, but I decided to ignore it. I honestly wouldn`t have even known what it was about, so I just spaced it out. As the evening went on certain things came to light, but again, I wasn`t part of it so I just spaced it out. Music was blaring and I was kind of surprised no one had come to tell us to shut up *laughs* Because we were loud, and not just music wise. Anyway, with all this going on, I noticed one of my flatmates had slipped away and I wondered where she could be. But I didn`t go investigate yet. Instead I soaked up the conversations around me, mellowed in the togetherness and letting off some steam. Then I headed to the bathroom, because you know short people with small bladders…need I say more? lol And after I head to my room to put some hand lotion on my hands (cause I`m fancy like that *wink*), something told me to go check on the flatmate who had disappeared earlier. The sound system was in her room, she`d acted as the ‘deejay’ although anyone who wanted to change the music could. And there she was, jumping up and down to a song. Just jumping in her own little world. And for some reason to me this looks like the most brilliant idea ever and I joined her. And the two of us was just dance jumping, enjoying the song, eyes closed to the world. Then the song changed and I opened my eyes and I saw some others had joined us and we just keep on jump-dancing. No one really caring what the other was doing, together in our mutual acceptance of the other`s solitude, while doing the exact same thing. This event made it into Dance of Love when Ashley has to confront a particularly vicious tabloid attack and none of them has a solution. The situation had become so ridiculous that to become mad and angry wouldn`t serve a purpose at all. So her flatmates Thandi and Meaghan starts jumping up and down and force her to do the same. This moment helps to centre her, to keep her mind off what had happened and also brings forth this image of her not being alone. That sometimes even in your ‘solitude’ there are people going through/doing the exact same thing you’re doing, and though you might feel like your on your own, you`re not. There are people willing to ‘jump’ with you, even though they don`t have all the answers and they can`t fix things for you. They`ll jump with you. In a way I think we were all in that moment, subconsciously tapping into the power that`s Shonda Rhimes and Grey`s Anatomy. All of us were fans of the show and I guess that`s what made it so easy for me to understand this concept. I didn`t ask her ‘why are you dance-jumping alone?’ I just knew she needed to and that she wouldn`t mind if I needed to, too. If only all things in life was that easy to understand, as Ashley also finds out in Dance of Love. Dance of Love releases 2 June 2015 Dance-of-Love_banner Blurb: All roads lead to Rome when Ashley Solomons embarks on fulfilling her dream to become a world-class dancer. But there’s one person who stands in her way. “It`s a no from me,” Antonio Machiavelli. When Antonio’s auditions for a lead principal end in wintry Cape Town, the last thing he expects is to have more than a knee-jerk reaction to an audition. Ashley not only verbally challenges him, but also translates her fire and cheekiness into an edge of your seat performance. Can Antonio keep his distance from Ashley? Can Ashley focus on fulfilling her dream of becoming a lead principal? Or will love have its way?

First blog post for 2015!

Hallo world! *shouts* Can you hear me, I`m back in the bloggers-sphere! LOL

I deliberately left my first post for 2015 to February, because I didn`t want to do a ‘new-year’s-resolution-writing’ post. I honestly don`t believe in them and while I`m all for goal setting and having a plan, resolutions always tend to be on the frivolous side of life. So I don`t make them. Never have. Never will.

Now back to my first blog post for the year 2015 *grin*


My first release, Falling for Mr. Unexpected hit all virtual stores on December 23rd and is now available in Paperback ( ). To say I was excited would be an understatement. Any author would tell you that it`s one of those indescribable moments in life you couldn`t define even if you tried. Which is funny, because as writers we have a huge vocabulary to draw from. But I didn`t, all I could say was thank you to everyone who made the book possible, who gave the story a chance, who went out and bought it, who reviewed it! It`s more than a month after its release and it still feels like release day!

I`m enjoying the journey so far and keep myself from going completely bonkers by NOT checking how my book`s doing on the Amazon ranks or any ranking system for that matter. I`m surprisingly sober about the whole process. But then again, when you grow up with a mother who has a mind for business and constantly reminds you that as an author ‘you`re also ‘running a business’ and that a new business shouldn`t expect to hit a home run from the get-go’, but to build up customers (in this case readers). With this piece of advice you do have a tendency to be very sober-minded about you`re first book`s success.

I`ve gotten great reports from fellow authors on how my book`s fairing for a first time author as well as from my publisher (Decadent Publishing). And it really builds a writer to know your publisher`s with you every step of the way. Recently I decided to write for another of Decadent`s Lines and as I queried the editor of the Line, she actually mentioned that she`d been one of the Acquisition Editors who read through my work and enjoyed it. My jaw literally dropped. Because as a writer you feel like you`re on an island and no one other than the handful of people you interact with on your manuscript, really know about your story and you. So, this was such a great compliment, as well as motivation to get into the story I was about to write and to do a great job *knock on wood*

It`s 2015, I started my writing journey in 2012. I`ve come far. There`s still people who ask me on whether I wanted to return to teaching and I unwaveringly say a resounding no. In these last couple of years since permanently putting on my writing hat, I`ve learned a lot about myself. I`ve become a student again, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a marketer and created worlds I hoped to hear people got lost in. My career path might not have been as smooth as others, but it`s truly been enjoyable. I love what I do, where I`m at. I love that I`m surprising people. I love that when I go to a party, I`ve got something to talk about other than how much I hate my boss or how mundane my day job was. I am my own boss. As demanding as running your own business can be, I wouldn`t trade the freedom it provides for my writing.


My 2nd book Dance of Love is set for release in April 2015, I`m currently working on another submission for the Ubuntu Line with Decadent Publishing, Falling for Mr. Right and writing a brand new story for their Beyond Fairytale Line. I`m excited for this year. Many people do not have a silver lining in their lives and I`m so glad that I have mine.

Thank you readers of Inside These Lines, I`m again, happy to take the writing journey with you in 2015.