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I’ve never done anything like this on my blog and thought I’d share a bit of insight about myself for any one who’s interested (no one is, but let’s pretend you are *wink*). So here’s to you learning more about me, the author/blogger/random posting person that is me *smile*

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Inge Saunders

Who are you named after?

One of my aunts (on my mother’s side) was really into the German language at one point in her life and loved the names ‘Inge’ and ‘Ulrike’, and she insisted on giving them to me. At that point she didn’t have children yet. So my full name is Inge Ulrike Saunders, courtesy of my aunt. Thanks. A lot. I love this for me. German names with an English surname. Yay colonialism. *laughs

Do you like your handwriting?

Nope. My handwriting has never been the best, and since I’ve become used to typing everything, it has become worse over the years. When I used to be a teacher and had to write on the white board the kids would always complain…so yeah. Not good. Not something anyone would want me to do. Definitely not a superpower.

What’s your favorite lunch meat?

That would be chicken, preferably with crisp salad and lashings of mayonnaise.

Longest relationship.

*pauses* Uh…do I have to make a statement here…uh…*starts nervous laughing*

Do you still have your tonsils?


Would you bungee jump?

No. Hard no.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

If I have shoes with laces on, yes.

Favorite ice-cream?

Ooh, so many so little time. Ha. Though if I was required to eat one flavour for the rest of my days I’d say I could tolerate vanilla without getting bored of it.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

I do believe the eyes are the windows to the soul, so I notice the eyes first.

Football or baseball?

Football? As in soccer? Or American’s version of rugby? Ha, I can do this all day. Either way I’m not into these two sports. A sport I would prefer above them is tennis *smiles*

What color pants are you wearing?

Pink shorts.

Last thing you ate?

Had Curry Roti for lunch. So YUM.

If you were a crayon what color would you be?

Sky blue.

Favorite smell?

Fresh citrus scents. They instantly wake me up.

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

A building contracter.

Hair color?

Born with light brown hair that became dark brown as I became older, and I used to dye it chocolate brown with highlights, but I now have gone full on black. So hair color is black. For now.

Eye color?

Brown, or in romance writer’s world, chestnut brown.

Favorite food to eat?

I could live off South African braai food for the rest of my life *laughs* That’s barbeque for the rest of the world *wink*

Scary movies or happy endings?

I’m grew up loving both. Getting the pants scared off me and melting at chick flick endings…eeek! Also Bruce Willis. And sci-fi movies.

Last movie you watched?

Captian Marvel.

Favorite holiday?


Beer or wine?

Neither. Bubbly. Irish Coffee. Non-alcoholic cocktails.

Night owl or early bird?

Night owl.

Favorite day of the week?


Three or (four) favorite authors you want to learn more about?

Carole Mortimer. I follow her on Twitter and think we’re friends on Facebook.
Penny Reid. Love her intelligent, funny as heck, romances. Brenda Jackson. I’m so late to this wonderful author.

And that’s me in a nutshell! Hope that answers some of your burning questions (that you never had about me lols).

Oh and here’s my nephew and his favourite hero..btw don’t tell him I know Spiderman is named Spiderman and not Spiderboots. I like messing with him *laughs*

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On Novel: My Writing Process with Brenda Kuchinsky

On Novel: My Writing Process

BY:  Brenda Kuchinsky, Author and Clinical Psychologist

 Image_1 Brenda

I don’t outline and I don’t plan anything formally.  I start off with a kernel of an idea, revolving around a character.  Then I daydream and dream quite a bit which helps other characters emerge as well as plot lines.

I have to say that I began to meditate successfully in 2013, using the Transcendental Meditation ™ technique.  I had never been successful at meditation before.  This worked for me, doing it at home for twenty minutes twice a day with my own private mantra.  I am convinced, in retrospect, that meditation led me to writing for the first time since high school.  Several careers and postgraduate work in several fields as well as two husbands intervened.  Also, I think low self-esteem and shaky confidence, despite numerous successes in other areas, held me back both consciously and unconsciously.

I now meditate before I start writing.  I first hit upon this as a productive method accidentally when I became seriously stuck and bored with one of my characters in a scene where he travelled away from home to Key West.  I decided to take a writing break and meditate.  Rich imagery rose up unbidden and a second character stood before me, solving my problem and lending incredible depth and suspense to the story.  That’s when I realized that I probably wouldn’t have started my novel if it were not for meditation.  Serendipitous, right?

I write in one spot only.  On the corner of my yellow leather couch with my feet up on the coffee table and my IPhone by my side for instant research, word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and inspiring pictures.  I had a Lenovo yoga laptop up until last month when I bought my first MAC, which I had been lusting after for quite some time.

So, I’m free form mostly and write an outline about halfway through a book when the characters and plotlines are at the bursting point and I need to organize.  I’m very character driven.  Character comes first and the plot lines devolve from that.  I also read that way.  Plot driven novels with cardboard characters bore me, no matter how great the plot. I’m writing the third book in a series, Time’s Haunted, so the same characters keep popping up. However, there are several intriguing new characters.  Sophia, the protagonist, also travels and in this one she goes to Buenos Aires.

I’d love to hear from people.  Happy writing and reading.

Times Harlot Brenda


FB: kuchinsky

TW: https://www.Brenda Kuchinsky @yogabrenda

Books available from the website and also Amazon.  Latest: Time’s Harlot:

Check out Amazon Author Central: for Bio and blogs, etc.

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Blog Tour: The Wolf’s Choice

Today is the start of the blog tour for The Wolf’s Choice! And the first stop is a review stop by Splashes Into Books. If you haven’t got a copy of the book yet, read what they had to say about it 🙂

The Wolf's Choice_500x750

Here are all the tour dates: and on FB page – bookshook 4/18/17 4/20/17
Http:// 4/21/17 & 4/21/17 4/22/17 4/23/17 4/24/17 4/29/17 5/1/17 5/2/17 5/3/17 5/4/17 5/5/17 5/6/17 5/7/17 5/8/17 5/9/17 5/10/17 5/11/17 5/11/17 5/12/17


Author Spotlight Wk 1 – Inge Saunders

Last week I was featured on Tracee Garner’ s blog sharing my writing process as a Hybrid author 🙂

Tracee Lydia Garner

1Hi Everyone, 

This week starts an 11 Week Blog Spotlight on the Writing Process. Each week, I’ll feature a fellow writer of varying genres to talk about HOW they write.

Join the discussion by leaving a comment and enjoy each veteran author or new, emerging voice!

First up, Multicultural, New-Adult, Romance Author –

Inge Saunders 

Since I embarked on the romance writing road in 2012 I’ve read so many different takes on authors writing process. From James Scott Bell who starts from the middle of his novel, he believes in writing from the ‘midpoint’ or ‘the point of commitment’ or as others calls it, ‘raising the stakes’. To begin there he states brings illumination over the whole writing project. Then there’s Harlequin author Tawny Weber who, though loves plotting, is not a detailed plotter. She needs three things to start a story: A premise, a good grasp on the characters…

View original post 478 more words

Interview: Harlequin Author Katie Meyer

Today I welcome fellow Hearts on Paper: Writers Supporting Writers member Katie Meyer!

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

Well, I’m a Florida girl, so if you ever run into me I’ll probably be in shorts and a t-shirt, no matter what time of year it is. What else…oh, I’m an animal lover. I actually worked in veterinary clinics for about twenty years, starting when I was just out of high school, and some of my best friends are still in that field. I also had my own dog training business for a while, which was a ton of fun. Sometimes I miss it, but I am plenty busy—I’m homeschooling my three children, and of course, there’s my writing.

In true confessions, I only really started writing a little over a year ago, and had never actually finished a novel before Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest. I thought writing was something other, smarter, more talented people did. I have always been a reader though, and grew up with a nose constantly in a book. I even used to read while riding my bike home from school!

3. What project are you most excited about right now?

I’m really excited about my current work in progress, the third book in the Paradise Animal Clinic series. Mollie, the main character, is really spunky and that makes her a blast to write. And the premise is kind of unusual, Noah, the hero of the story, is on a solo honeymoon after his fiancé ditched him. He drowns his sorrows on the plane to Florida and lets just say he’s a bit unsteady on his feet when he meets Mollie for the first time. I actually got the idea one day when I was driving in the car and Dierks Bentley’s song, “Drunk on a Plane” came on. In fact, I’m pretty sure there is at least one novel waiting to be written in most country songs.

4. Which authors are you currently hooked on? Any recommendations.

Oh goodness! I do tend to binge read, mostly romantic suspense. I’d say some favorite authors in that genre are Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot, and Lisa Jackson. I also recently started reading Toni Anderson, and her stuff is great too. For slightly less scary stuff I’m in love with Rosalind Jame’s Kincaid family books, as well as the newer one set in Paradise, Iowa. Catherine Anderson is an old favorite, I like the family bonds shown in her books. As for Harlequin authors, Regina Kyle and Jesse Hayworth keep me coming back for more.

5. If one of your books could be made into a movie, which one? And why?

That’s a tough one. The Puppy Proposal has a lot of gorgeous scenery, and Murphy the mischievous border collie would be fun to see onscreen. But, on the other hand A Valentine for the Veterinarian (expected release date in Feb. 2016) might be even better. It has a smart but vulnerable heroine, a cute kid, a heroic dog, and a very sexy cop. Then there is my current project, with a lot of funny situations that would be great on film. Maybe it can be a trilogy?

*Sounds like a nice romance trilogy, Hollywood should look into that! Thank you for stopping by Katie*


Buy link:

Where you can find Katie:

#NewRelease Rhoda Baxter ‘Please Release Me’: Stuck Between Excitement & Apprehension

I’m taking part in a themed blog post celebrating Rhoda Baxter’s new release Please Release Me. The theme center on being or feeling ‘stuck’ in some way or other. As I signed up to do the blog splash I wondered what I could write for the post…then the following happened *smile*

On Tuesday late in the afternoon I received an email from The Romance Reviews saying my book Dance of Love qualified for the next and final round of their TRR Readers’ Choice Awards-Winter 2015. I had submitted DoL when I added my books to the site and updated my profile.

The site is very prominent in the online romance writing community, so I didn’t really think I’d qualify for the nomination round. But I did. And when I did, I didn’t know what to do with my emotions or rather lack thereof.
In the back of my mind I realized this may not be a Nobel Prize nomination but it was a good thing to make it to the Nomination Rounds. I should be pleased. Maybe not do cartwheels yet, but at least a heart thump or two.

Instead my stomach turned, my arms felt heavy and for the life of me I couldn’t get back into my work. One of the owners and coordinators at my publisher (Decadent Publishing) also emailed me right after TRR did and congratulated me, also said they will be helping to get the word out for the Nominations Round. I was happy, I wasn’t alone. My publisher’s going to help with promo. Still I found myself stuck. Unable to move.

I had tagged my cousin on the ‘good news update’ post on Facebook and she texted me her congratulations. And my response was lukewarm. She wanted me to ‘bounce off the walls’. To enjoy qualifying. To embrace the moment. And I tried. I had realized how ungrateful my response might have come across to her.

But here’s the thing, I’m not good at popularity contests *smile* Oh not such a big surprise? *grin* Honestly, I’m not. And I’m also not a big fan of them. I think the first time I realized how much I disliked it was when I started to receive awards at school in grade seven because I was considered to be one of the well-known kids at school. Stuff like that really makes you question how good you are at something.

I love the saying; cream always rises to the top. Even if no one considers you to be anything ‘special’ because you don’t have the popular vote, you can rely on the quality, technique, spirit and time, you put into what you do. You know hard work eventually pays off. In life we’ve learned that principal. The more you put in, the more you get out.

When everyone stops writing, you keep on until you’ve typed The End. When everyone else loses hope during the query process. You submit your pitch and book again. You edit, rewrite, revise, and submit, again and again. You read up, educate yourself, you join groups, you network, learn from the people around you, you don’t give up on yourself or the dream of being an author. You’ve committed yourself. And Thank God, these industry people do care about the work because you’re growing and learning with each book you write.

Uh…until…you qualify to the next and final Nominations Round and you need 50 nominations to get to the final.


Stuck between wanting to yell and say, “Wow! How did that happen? I qualified!” And, “Okay, so nothing to get too excited about because there’s 50 nominations standing between you and the final round,” which is a sober way of looking at things, not necessarily bad or negative. It does however, have you stuck between excitement and apprehension. Wanting to celebrate this milestone, albeit small, and also to not get too enthusiastic because you might not make it *cringe*

So in a bid to help myself move on from feeling stuck, I’m going to ask that you nominate Dance of Love as your Readers’ Choice Award for Winter 2015 at The Romance Reviews ( The Nomination Round is open from Sept 11th until the 30th. So two weeks of nonstop voting! Thank you in advance for your support and for moving me to a place that’s less emotionally stuck *smile*

PLEASE RELEASE ME_high res mini



What if you could only watch as your bright future slipped away from you?

Sally Cummings has had it tougher than most but, if nothing else, it’s taught her to grab opportunity with both hands. And, when she stands looking into the eyes of her new husband Peter on her perfect wedding day, it seems her life is finally on the up.

That is until the car crash that puts her in a coma and throws her entire future into question.

In the following months, a small part of Sally’s consciousness begins to return, allowing her to listen in on the world around her – although she has no way to communicate.

But Sally was never going to let a little thing like a coma get in the way of her happily ever after …

Buy link:

Interview: Author Leela Atherton

Pleased welcome Leela on Inside These Lines today 🙂


Tell me a bit about yourself?

As a teenager growing up in Johannesburg, I was addicted to Mills & Boon romances – Anne Mather being my favourite author – she rocked my youthful little world! Later on, while living in London, I began reading and writing Modern Romances, but all those rejections eventually took their toll and I stopped writing and concentrated on my career as a youth counsellor. When the Twilight series, and Fifty Shades of Grey, finally revealed to the world, the fact that women wanted to read romance, loved romantic fiction, I began writing again, in my spare time.

*I’m mad about the Twilight series myself. Sparkling vampires? Who can resist?* *smile*

What inspires you to write?
Difficult question. Passion, I guess, Also, I have a bad habit of starting a story, publishing the first few chapters on for free and then having readers contacting me and asking; when are you going to finish this story? I need to know what happens next! So I am obviously obliged to complete these stories, or I’ll disappoint my readers. And I hate letting people down.

What project are you most excited about right now?
Passion & Denial, Book Two in the Passion Trilogy, which I’m in the process of editing right now. Book One: Passion & Deceit was published in ebook and paperback last year, October. I’m hoping to complete the editing of Book Two: Passion & Denial, by Oct/Nov so that it can be published before the end of this year.

Which authors are you currently hooked on? Any recommendations?
I haven’t had much time to read lately, so am a bit out of touch. I enjoy Lynn Graham, a Mills & Boon Modern Romance writer, as well as Julia James and Caitlin Crews, also M&B writers. I enjoyed Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, but the first book of the series (and the first film) was, by far, my favourite. I loved the Fifty Shades Trilogy and look forward to reading her latest novel, ‘Grey’, although I did find the film to be a disappointment.

*Okay, confession time. I’m a Twi-hard, as in I-can-quote-the-movies-and-books kind of fan. And I have to say, I’m also mad about the first movie, though book-Bella’s a bit tame for me. I like Kirsten’s interpretation of her more.*

If one of your books could be made into a movie, which one? And why?
Passion & Deceit, without a doubt, would be my choice for a Bollywood movie. My hero, Rajiv, is Anglo-Indian, so I can picture him and my heroine, Maya, dancing, singing, and falling in love, in full-on Bollywood style.

Passion & Deceit


She wants him, but she knows he’s going to marry someone else…
When Maya Stewart arrives in London to visit her best friend Jay, she’s aware that he’s keeping the fact that he’s gay a secret from his traditional Indian family. However, deceiving his dangerously good-looking older brother, Rajiv, is something Maya hadn’t expected to deal with. The attraction between her and Rajiv is intense and immediate. But after being warned by Jay of Rajiv’s reputation as a player and womaniser, Maya tries her utmost to keep her distance from him—although Rajiv doesn’t give up easily.
He wants her, but he’s sure that she’s his brother’s lover…
Rajiv Maddox has demons of his own to battle, including a darker side to his tortured soul. Highly suspicious of Maya, he thinks that she could be the reason for Jay’s suicidal depression, yet Rajiv can’t deny his attraction to this beautiful flame-haired Scottish girl. But one thing he knows for sure—if she finds out what a monster he really is, she’ll run fast and hard in the other direction.
Can two people from two different cultures and such dissimilar worlds find any common ground or has fate doomed their love from the beginning?

You can contact Leela here:

Multi-Award Winning SA Author Jayne Bauling

Today I’m interviewing Jayne Bauling, who will be a Speaker at the #ROSACon2015 (for more info: ). If you’re attending the conference, Jayne’s session on Lessons I learned from Writing Romance will be on Saturday the 26th of September. So without further introduction, here’s Jayne.

Jayne Bauling author photo

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

I’m the author of twenty-one novels and one non-fiction book, and even after so many books, I still experience moments of amazement, when it hits me all over again, that hey, I really am a writer, the career I decided on when I was about five, with no idea what being a writer actually entailed! The first seventeen of those novels were romances, published by Mills & Boon, since when I have moved on to writing YA novels, four so far. My short stories, for both adults and youth, have been published in a number of anthologies. I grew up in Johannesburg, and now live in White River, Mpumalanga, close enough to the Kruger Park to drop in for a morning and get home in time for an afternoon’s writing. I adore cats, and used to breed Siamese, and I love reading, red wine and bird-watching.

*Truly an amazing career*

2. What inspires you to write?

Everyone I meet, everywhere I go, snatches of conversation overheard, sights glimpsed, issues and events in the news: all fuel my imagination. It’s the idea of being able to share my stories with others that motivates me and stops me procrastinating … well, eventually.

3. What project are you most excited about right now?

My latest YA novel, Soccer Secrets, from Cover2Cover Books, because it has just been published, and there are plenty of events happening around its release, in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Mpumalanga. It’s the story of Zinzi, a teen who is brilliant at soccer but is hiding a terrible secret; Luyanda senses she’s in trouble, but he is finding it impossible to get her to open up to him, and he needs to do some detective work to confirm his suspicions. Cover2Cover are linking the book’s release to a great Reading for Pleasure campaign.

*That’s wonderful and sounds like a interesting story*

4. Which authors are you currently hooked on? Any recommendations.

I’ve just read The Cuckoo’s Calling by J K Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith and I’m in awe of her talent for creating fascinating characters you genuinely care about, so I can’t wait to read more of her Cormoran Strike books. I’ve also recently started reading Cat Hellisen’s fantasy fiction; she writes so gorgeously.

5. If one of your books could be made into a movie, which one? And why?

I keep changing my mind about the answer to this one, one of my romances set in the world of mountaineering, or one of my YAs, which a number of people have suggested would make really edgy movies? Let me go with Dreaming of Light (Tafelberg), because it includes the drama and danger of life in an illegal gold mine, the psychological effect of such a life on the young men and boys forced to work there, the adventure of escape, and a journey made in hope, as the cynical 18-year-old Regile gets drawn into the belief of the younger Taiba and their abusive handler’s daughter, Katekani, that a better life is possible. Then there’s Regile’s awkward but tender relationship with Katekani, so there would be something for everyone in such a movie!

*Thank you Jayne, it was great getting to know you. Conference goers have a lovely Speaker to look forward to*


Dreaming of light cover by Hanneke du Toit

“ It’s a story like smoke, I think. No one can catch it because there’s nothing there.”
In the heat and darkness underground, Regile Dlamini has stopped believing in anything much. Boys trafficked from their home countries, kept captive and con¬trolled by a man they call Papa Mavuso, forced to work in an illegal gold mine near Barberton: their lives are brutal, terrifying and frequently short.
In contrast to Regile, the young Taiba Nhaca steadfastly believes in the legend of Spike Maphosa, a zama zama who is said to have escaped the horror of life in a mine. The inhumane conditions and savage beatings cannot shake Taiba’s faith, something Regile finds disturb¬ing. Above ground, Papa Mavuso’s daughter Katekani shares Taiba’s belief that their lives can change for the better, but Regile wants nothing to do with their unrealistic dreaming.
Is Katekani right when she tells him the mine has stolen his soul? Or is it his humanity that is lost?

Links to where you can buy Soccer Secrets and Dreaming of Light:

Trailer for Dreaming of Light:

Jayne Bauling Writer on Facebook:

Follow @JayneBauling on Twitter:


Inside These Lines welcomes Author Leenna Naidoo

m_Leenna Everyday

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

The writer in me dabbles in a little bit of most things: romance, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, and everything in between. In the real world, I dabble in design, teaching and, occasionally, baking for very special people.

2. What inspires you to write?

Places, people, imagined incidents…anything really:-D

The desert, in Yulin (China), was one place which inspired me greatly. It was truly amazing to write Situation No Win–set in some of the places I was then exploring–during my stay there. Coffee-shops also inspire me; especially if they are set on a corner and have a view of the sky. For me, that creates good writing chi 😀

3. What project are you most excited about right now?

It’s exciting to be relaunching Situation No Win. It’s a little nerve-wracking because I’m way behind schedule. I still have to redesign the cover and complete the new edit. I’m in two minds about this whole project because, while I love the story and believe it needs to be reintroduced to more readers, I still want to complete my other novel for the year, The Incident At Wolfe Creek, which also began as a NanoWriMo attempt.

4. Which authors are you currently hooked on? Any recommendations.

These past two months I haven’t been able to read as much as I’d like to, so I’m still in a historical fiction mood. I loved Millie Thom’s Shadow of the Raven and am looking forward to the rest of the series.
On my current TBR list are: A Love That Never Tires by Allyson Jeleyne, and Silent In The Grave by Deanna Raybourn; both of which look like they will satisfy my craving for an Elizabeth Peters style story.

5. If one of your books could be made into a movie, which one? And why?

Settle Down Now without a doubt. It’s fun, quirky, PG and set in some of my favourite scenic places–the North coast of Durban, Scotland, and the Indian Ocean. There’s lots of action and romance to satisfy everyone. I also think Charmaine and Rob speak to all of us who are flawed and coping with our situations the best we can.


m_Settle Down Now 10 low res

Find out more about Settle Down Now here:




You can find Leenna on her blog:


Nathan chuckled.

Gillian continued, “Just to give you an idea, Surf City, Nathan is being likened to a cross between Adonis and Charming Tantrum by our producer. Charmaine’s sitting across from me, her hair standing up on end more than ever, looking pale and nervous, like that girl at the dance who never gets noticed–Wallpaper Girl. What do you have to say to her, then Nate? You going to ask her to dance?”

The production assistant had materialised beside me with Joss’s note. ‘Speak! Ask him questions. Be interested. Remember what I taught you. Smile. And don’t screw this up. He’s utterly, gorgeously hot! And very photogenic.’ Thanks for nothing Joss. That’s exactly what I didn’t need to know.

“Of course I am, Mike. She’s the most interesting girl in the room.” Nathan chuckled again, sounding amazingly seductive for someone who claimed to have just come off a twelve hour shift on a stressful job.

“Well, Nate, what are you waiting for. Go talk to her!” commanded Gillian.

Nathan obeyed. “So, Charmaine. I know you don’t know me from Jack, but I’d really like to get to know you better. You seem genuine, down to earth and love dogs as much as I do. I think we have a lot more in common and I’d like to at least be friends.” Joss was jumping up and down in excitement. Nathan, it seemed was everyone’s dream come true.

There was an awkward silence. It took a second or two for me to realise that I was the one everyone was looking at. Gillian was gesticulating meaningfully to the forgotten sheet of prepared questions. “Er.., that sound’s great, Nathan. But do you mind if I ask you a few questions first?”

“Not at all, Charmaine. Shoot?”

“Great. Thanks. Erm…,” I scanned the sheet. ‘What would be your perfect date? Who is the person you admire the most? What is your biggest dream?’ And so the list went. Superficial, useless… “Erm, yes,” I decided to ad-lib, “So, Nathan, why did you break up with your last girlfriend?”