March Writing Tip 1

Every bit of writing advice/tip I’ve shared so far are ones I’ve used and re-used myself. This one in particular I stumbled across last year messed me up!

I was on my second paranormal romance. I’d typed the end. But I wasn’t feeling as confident about it as I should.

I had a completed manuscript, ready for edits and I couldn’t make myself get it submission ready.

Until I read this.

Everything fell into place like it had never before. I rewrote the first chapter, then the next and when I came to the third chapter I had to ask myself what I had been doing with the first manuscript. And the first one was by no means a first draft. Let me just clear that up. It was a fifth draft. One that I felt okay about getting submission ready. Which meant self-editing.

I wrote all about this journey here on wordpress and on my Facebook page. I think I frustrated some of my readers because they were expecting another paranormal romance right after The Wolf’s Choice and here I was rewriting the whole book. Basically writing a new book.

I’m not going to lie, this was work. It had me busy up until December 31st, but it was worth it. I was excited to share my story with the world. I recommend this piece of advice to anyone who has ever had a completed manuscript but didn’t quite feel as confident about it as they should.


2 thoughts on “March Writing Tip 1

  1. I’ve seen this advice before and considered it, but the sheer thought of rewriting a novel… I can’t wrap my mind around it when everyone says write the next novel…

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  2. The advice is sound if you worked on the manuscript, edited it and then submitted to publishers or shopped it to agents, and no one took a bite. It’s better to shelf it and work on the next one. But for a manuscript that hasn’t been seen by anyone…that’s another story. You can still work on it, fine tune it, until you’re (reasonably) happy with it.

    Most times editors or agents will require an author to do rewrites to a manuscript once it’s contracted, so I saw this process as a good way to keep on developing that skill.

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