Our last “teen”: 20NineTEAn

So it’s been a minute since I blogged, so I decided to do an actual OG blog post. On people freaking out about it being the last year with a “teen” at the end…*crickets*

Yeah that’s not just what this post will be about.

Today I will amuse you with the fact that two months ago I started watching The Walking Dead. Now you’re thinking, “Inge, you’re late to the game. We’re already at Season 9. This aint it sis.” Well, I don’t care. And here’s why.I didn’t want to jump on the zombie apocalypse train simply because I honestly am not a zombie apocalypse fan. Zombies was just not that scary to me.

What? You’re going to slow walk your way into my nightmares? Get out of here!

Not my cup of tea.

But towards the end of 2018 I needed a show that could replace some of my other supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves. I decided to give TWD a try. And man do I not regret this one.

I’m now in the middle of Season 8. I’ve already ‘stumbled’ across some spoilers, but that’s fine. I’m okay, just don’t ruin Season 9 okay *fake smile*

I am impressed with this show. It has the right amount of human struggle in a zombie world, action, violence and intrigue that I need to keep me glued to the screen. TWD is definitely a modern horror movie/TV lover’s series. Slow moving zombies that go into a frenzy when they spot the living. I am down for this type of zombie.

And before you think this is just a Walking Dead post, I’m going to end all talk of them right after I add, Glenn should not have died. I’m still upset, triggered and view it as a mistake on the writers part.

Okay moving on *laughs*

2019 is upon us. We can do absolutely nothing about it. It’s the last year of our “teens”, which might explain why everyone’s having a crisis about it.

Remember how nostalgic people got their last year of high school or varsity? This feels like that. Only I’m not participating because I’m that one kid who couldn’t wait to “get out” and see the world.

I want 2020. There are so many great movies and projects to look forward to in 2020. Not that I’m dismissing 2019, but let’s face it. Uneven numbers just don’t do it so much for us as even numbers.

I view 2019 as a gap year. The year I’m going to get a lot of things done and setup for 2020. The launch year. And then 2020 is the year I’m in space discovering new worlds in the Kuiper Belt.

2018 for me has been a learning curve on a personal level, as well as in publishing. So many things have gone down with the latter that I’m not at liberty to reveal right now, but will definitely speak about here at a later stage. I love to share my experiences in publishing on here because I do believe it adds information and a different point of view to what’s already out there.

2018 was a year of meeting new writers, joining new writing organizations, rediscovering internet spaces like YouTube, and making use of Facebook as a marketing tool for my author page, and trying to balance the personal with the professional life (and failing miserably *laughs*).  The year was overall just me reacting to everything that got thrown at me, whereas 2019 is going to be a year of me throwing stuff at it, building a strong foundation and moving on from there.

I want to end off this post with this nugget, because it’s going to be my author-moto for the rest of my life: Work with people you can reasonably trust on a professional level on the internet. A lot of my writing world/work is connected to the internet and having a level of good faith with the people I interact with on here, brings so much peace of mind. Luckily I’ve been around for a solid minute to know how to spot these types of people.

And yeah, that’s it. I wish you a wonderful 2019 #writingjourney and #publishingjourney

Let’s get it! (She says while posting a picture of herself sitting with her feet up. But it’s the 3rd of Jan…surely, I can *wink*)

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