Writing When You’re Scared

One thing I’ve never experienced when I started writing, was being scared *smile*

You know, scared of writing. I don’t know if it’s that innate fearlessness the youngest child has because we’re born with the knowledge that there will be someone taller, stronger, smarter, bigger, etc. than us. So we don’t compete with others, only ourselves. We don’t become paralyzed by performance anxiety, even when we do have anxiety it’s usually the ‘oh man I hope I don’t suck’ as opposed to ‘oh man I hope other people don’t think I suck’.


Sam Winchester aka Jared aka Moose

People usually say the youngest child is self-centered. I tend to disagree with this. I’d say the youngest child is focused…on themselves *laughs*

There’s no time for gossip. There’s no time to keep up with what the Kardashians are doing because we simply are not interested. We’re working on keeping up with what we are doing. Not in a selfish way, but more in the way of knowing that we’ve got one life to live and only a short amount of time of living it. It can’t be wasted on the trivial and running scared all the time is a waste of energy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never met a person who hasn’t doubted themselves before or felt a sliver of fear. But I’ve never met a youngest child who didn’t face up to that in record time, shook it off and got down to the business of what they needed to do.


Dean & Sam. Every Supernatural fan knows how the dynamic between the two brothers plays out.

I read this article (can’t remember where), that youngest children are great at team work. They are the best employable people. Why? Because they’ve grown up cheering their brothers and sisters on. They had to sit through every soccer match and play and ballet rehearsal, whether big brother or sister was good or not, they were in the crowd. They learned to be supportive. It’s become instinctive.

So here’s my advice to writers who’s looking for Beta Readers or Critique partners.Go with the youngest child.

They will tell you the truth because they’ve learned from older siblings that the truth does cause you to grow as a person. They’ll always have something positive to say. Not for the sake of saying it, but because they generally are wired to notice when someone’s done something good. (I should know because I do *wink*). And last but not least, when they are in your corner, they are in your corner. They’ll advocate for you without you even having to ask.

When we believe in you, we won’t just tell you about it, we’ll tell our ‘followers’, ‘friends’, ‘subscribers’, and families 🙂

Get us on your team and fear will become a distant second!



5 thoughts on “Writing When You’re Scared

  1. I’m the youngest child yet I have social anxiety and battled with it most of my life. A few years ago I saw a psychologist and have been overcoming my fears one day at a time. I’m still fearful at times but it doesn’t control me any longer. The part of us being supportive I totally concede for I’m that person. Passionate about family and friends and want them to succeed. Great post by the way!


    1. Sorry to hear about that Sumi.

      One’s social environment and personality, definitely has an influence on our upbringing and how we digest/perceive things in society.

      Of course my post is a generalization and not meant in anyway to be taken on an individual basis.

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  2. Hi Sumi! I replied from my old BB and not everything got sent *slaps forehead* That reply sounds so stiff!

    And I understood what you meant, wanted to say further. It’s good to get another perspective on what I wrote. It definitely broadens one’s view 🙂

    (I’m going to chuck this phone out.)

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