My Writing Stride


Nelson-Mandela-LargeMid February I found my writing stride. How, do you ask? (Okay let’s pretend you did *wink*)

I’ve been frustrated since January because I wasn’t keeping my 1K word count per day. It bugged me that the holidays could throw me so off my ‘game’. But here’s the thing, I realized that both the stories I’ve outlined for the first half of the year needed to marinate. I had to become more than acquainted with my characters.

This is where many writers drop the ball (forgive the sports terms. I don’t know why I’m doing that. I don’t even play any sports).

You constantly hear from industry folk to put out the next book, to not allow the readers to ‘forget’ about you and you watch indie authors churn out novels at a rate that give you whiplash. But how many of those books are quality? And now I’m not just referring to self-published and e-publishers. I’m also referring to traditional romance publishers.

Recently I’ve read books that took the author less than two months to write…and it showed. Some people can do this and still produce great plots and well developed characters, others can’t. And I’m one of those who can’t. I’ve accepted this about myself. I’ve realized that for me to produce a piece of work that I feel proud of is going to take time. I can’t rush a story because my last book was published in June 2015 and oh-my-word what will happen if I don’t publish a book by June 2016?

I’ll tell you what will happen‒nothing. The world won’t stop. I’ll still be around because I’ve got my social network platforms, I’ll keep my readers informed of what’s happening writing wise (like I’m doing now *smile*), do author interviews, write guest post, etc. I’ll complete the two manuscripts I’m currently working on and then submit.

So while write the next book is great advice for a writer, it should be tempered with, and make sure it’s better than the last one!



4 thoughts on “My Writing Stride

      1. I’ve been feeling like I have to get all of these things out all at once and I’m not writing enough, and don’t have enough things coming out—and your post was a total deep breath and a well needed reminder.


  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Quality should trump quantity, yet the industry make it seem like if you’re not running some kind of ‘rat race’, you’re not being productive. As a reader, I wait for my favorite authors to release their next book. It doesn’t matter how long it is. That made me stop agonizing about how fast I’m writing and rather focus on what I’m writing. Suddenly creativity flowed and I felt able to breathe. I was in my writing zone, the space where I feel most like myself. I don’t do writing sprints anymore but rather assess through the chapters I’ve completed and am happy with. I believe I’m entering a new phase as a writer, a phase where improving my story writing ability is more important than putting out two or three books a year.


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