Writing the 1st Three Chapters

This has become a problem for me. The more books I write the more complicated it gets. Not that I was so brilliant at it to begin with *wink* But you’d think that by now I would have a bit of a grasp on this monster. Alas I don’t and that’s usually when I dust off the (inter-web’s) trusty romance writing advice.


Here are some that’s kept me grounded:
1. The opening chapters have to give the readers/editor/literary agent an idea of your voice as a writer. It gives an idea of what the rest of the story’s going to be like, action packed, funny, quirky, witty etc.
2. Include sparkly dialogue, something exciting and attention grabbing.
3. Start with the moment things changes for your character (s).
4. Introduce you main character (s). Give the reader an idea of who they are, something that will keep the reader turning the pages and feel sympathy for your character(s).
5. Remember the perfect opening chapters doesn’t happen overnight, you’ll probably chop and change a couple of times. That’s okay *smile*


And here are some of the don’ts especially if you’re a newbie:
1. Driving scenes, alarm clocks (or any type of variant of this), generic weather descriptions. These are hard to make fresh for new writers. Rather start somewhere else.
2. New writers love to info dump *guilty look*, whether through dialogue or the characters explaining their lives etc. Don’t do this. Not in those crucial first chapters. No backstory at this point. If it’s necessary you can add it later.



But most of all remember this!



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