The Case for Your Rights : Using your pictures

Recently someone posted a picture of me with three other people as a profile-pic in a Whatsapp group chat. I didn’t like the picture and I also didn’t like the motive behind posting the picture. So I politely asked for them to take it down. (As I’m writing this it’s still posted).
I also discussed this with two other members of the group, one of them who was in the picture with me and they basically went with a‒‘oh it’s no big deal’‒attitude as they gave long weary sighs on their ends of the phone. I texted them about this.
Now here’s the thing. More than the average person around the world I don’t like posting a lot of pictures of myself on social media, hence I’ve got the same profile-pic here and on my other networks I took close to four years ago (and I’m not that in love with myself).
Like most people I do care about how good or bad a picture looks like, but I’m not too finicky about it. So vanity doesn’t play much of a role as the agenda of why my face has to be up there on that profile-pic. And if there’s one thing I hate more than cat and dog hair, it’s being used.
I never take issue with close friends and family members posting images of me on social messaging platforms like Whatsapp or BBM, but even they know to give me a heads up about it. They also know I would skin them alive if they did anything on the more picture centered networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
I don’t have issues with how I look; in fact, I’ve posted pictures of myself at the event where that group photo was taken, on Facebook. So no qualms here on that front.
What I do take issue with is how I’m now connected to someone else’s propaganda, to their agenda/motivation.
Since this group on Whatsapp has been created I haven’t participated which should give its creators a big clue on whether I’d want my face to be associated with it. To then go and drag me into the reason why the group was started in the first place, when I want no part of the snafu, in my opinion, reeks of underhandedness and was also in breach of my rights.
The right to not participate in the group. The right to not want to associate with it. The right even, if I later on decide ‘yeah I’m going to engage’. No one’s but my right. And by posting the picture, you’ve taken that away.
My face, to use modern terms, is my brand. It comes with everything I stand for, everything I support, everything I want to give out to the world. You using my face to move forward your agenda without my permission are in violation of that. So yes, I won’t shrug ‘it’ off. I won’t act like I’m okay with ‘it’ when I’m not. And I will definitely NOT let you get away with it.
*drops mic* *sits back*
(Bet they didn’t think I’d do this…I’m a writer, you should’ve known better than to give me material *smirks*) *uses public figure to drive home point*



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