My Name is Rue (A Rapunzel Story) #Excerpt

I finally finished my Rapunzel story and thought I’d share an excerpt in celebration *smile* Oh & Jessica Parker Kennedy’s the main character, Rue’s, celebrity lookalike.


Here’s the Unedited Blurb for My Name is Rue (A Rapunzel Story):

Rapunzel, aka Rue, is alone on a spaceship for thirteen years as part of a military programme in preparation to work for a defence and exploration company called The Corporation. But her training gets rudely interrupted by a Prince of the Realm, Syed Rune from the planet Ceylun.

Rune hasn’t been home for over a decade and as he heads for Ceylun he’s asked to pick up a human child, instead he finds a striking human female who believes they are kidnapping her. Rune questions why Rue’s allowed to take part in his planet’s war training programme, while Rue questions why no one informed her she’s about to be released. Humans distrust other interstellar beings, so why send an alien to transport her?

But more so their mutual attraction shocks them. While Rune tries to come to terms with this revelation, he also realizes he has to keep his distance from Rue because any interaction between them will be frowned upon. Rue’s world is turned upside down. She struggles with the fact that The Corporation might not have her best interest at heart, as well as her feelings for Rune. And why is she considered important to Ceylun’s survival?

Will Rue and Rune get their ‘happily ever after’ in spite of the obstacles in their path?

Unedited Excerpt:

“Come on Gothel you old goose, establish a connection,” she whispered.
“I’m not at full capacity and I will have you know I’m the latest in‒”
“Yeah, yeah I know you’re what all the cool kids are wearing, I still need to get out of here, please tell me you’re able to get on the ship’s wave length.”
“All communications are down.”
“What?” Her heart lurched in her chest.
“Syed Rune ordered all systems be shut down. The ship’s an ark right now.”
“I’m not appreciating the imagery at the moment Gothel.”
“I am sorry Rue.”
She blinked. That’s the first time Gothel called her Rue, their situation must be dire. Then she caught on to what Gothel had said. “Prince Rune?” She had been schooled on the basics of Ceylun’s ruling system.
“The Universal Council ended the programme.”
Rue’s brain tripped over the information. Before she could question Gothel further the door slid open. Four efficient humanoid soldiers clad in figure hugging dark-grey and navy-blue uniforms made their way into the room and spread themselves across the breadth, their presence took up the space.
Then in stepped an alien so tall, broad, and imposing she wanted to scramble away from him. Nothing about him made her believe he’d go easy on an opponent. He could be her enemy, for all she knew, no matter what Gothel said about him. Instinct as old as time, made Rue recognize that if she showed him, the leader, apparent from the formal shirt and insignia he wore, how he intimidated her, it would cost her.
She made her back straight and took on a solid stance. The virtual combat series she trained with might come in handy.
The four soldiers stood to attention, though as big as the leader in front of her, Gothel could distract them with one of her illusions. Then all she had to do was deal with him.
Her gaze swept back to his. Inky black eyes stared back into hers and showed no emotion. They reminded her of the white sharks she’d viewed on her video clips of Earth’s ocean.
He had sharp high cheekbones, his skin a golden bronze. His raven hair closely cropped on one side exposing his ear in stark contrast to the other, which remained partially covered.
He moved his head a fraction and his straight hair flopped to the side of his face obscuring his eye. For the forces, the cut was unconventional, made him seem human.
There were many humanoid species in the universe. Still, this alien disconcerted her and she couldn’t say why. Yes she’s on edge because she didn’t know what they wanted with her. But then again she shouldn’t be noting his sensuous full lips pursed into a hard line.

*Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!


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