Inside These Lines welcomes Kat McIntyre: Friday Author Interview

Today I’m welcoming Kat McIntyre to ‘Inside These Lines’*smile* I’ve recently been interviewed on Kat’s blog and actually got inspired by her sharing her platform with other authors, to also do an interview/feature on mine. So without me yakking on, here’s Kat!


1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

My friends call me a real life Leslie Knope (a character from the show Parks and Rec), mostly due to my neuroticism, relentless enthusiasm, and the fact that I love people and wish everyone could work together to create one big harmonious future. Most of what I do involves working with people, and I couldn’t be happier. My day job is working as a massage therapist, and as an author, telling stories allows me to connect with others and share feelings and experiences. Apart from that, I’m a huge geek with a million and one rotating obsessions, and I run a tea company, Solstice Brews—including blends based on my books of course!

* Three careers, that’s amazing!*

2. What inspires you to write?

I draw inspiration from so many different sources. Sometimes it’s longing for places I’ve never been, and other times it’s a wish to return to places I love. Other times, I read a book or watch a show and I’m so emotionally stirred that I want to share that feeling with others. A song might hit me the right way and inspire the scenes on a page, or a conversation with a friend. I’ve found inspiration in the tough times too, and they tend to find their way on paper whether I realize it or not. With my most recent story, Soul Solution, when I received the fairy tale, String of Pearls, I found myself inspired by the setting, but that was only one component. A mixture of 90s alt music (think the sort of music they played at the Bronze in Buffy) really helped me capture the nostalgic sense of longing that I wanted to convey in this story.

3. What project are you most excited about right now?

Looking forward to Soul Solution’s release, because I adore the story, but also because I find Mina’s practicality and sass endlessly entertaining. I veer towards banter a lot in my stories, but this didn’t have as much, because there was something consuming and beautiful in the brevity of Mina and Erik’s experience together. I’m finishing up some cool manuscripts at the moment too, a creepy winter fairytale, as well as an urban fantasy set in Philly involving hunters, fae, and falling in love.

4. Which authors are you currently hooked on? Any recommendations.

Love Richelle Mead’s latest series, Gameboard of the Gods, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next book due to come out next year. I’m a diehard scifi/fantasy addict, but I prefer mine character focused, so her novels appeal to me. I’m also waiting for the next Dresden Files book by Jim Butcher, as well as the next Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews. In between, I tend to jump around a lot, reading whatever jumps out at me. I DID happen to read a lot of the Beyond Fairytales compilations Decadent Publishing put out—they’re a total blast, and I’m so happy to be a part of this series.

5. If one of your books could be made into a movie, which one? And why?

While I may love reading paranormal romances and the sort, if I had to choose one of my books for the big screen, it’d be An Airship Named Desire, hands down. It’s nonstop action from the beginning to end, with big, bold characters, and a dramatic arc. Plus, I’d love to see the airship battles on the big screen, because I think it would be a thrilling thing to watch and a great opportunity to see some breathtaking views.


Where you can find Kat:

Author Website:





*It was great having you on today Kat! And I’d also love to see those battles, especially amongst the white clouds, with the ships going out of view for a couple of tense heart thundering moments and boom!* *laughs*

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