Author Interview/Feature with Marie Dry

Today I welcome fellow ROSA Marie Dry to my blog.

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1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

I have been writing since I was seven years old and making up stories every since I can remember. When I was about eleven I discovered my sister’s romance books and I never looked back. They were category style romances written in Afrikaans and the library couldn’t stay ahead supplying. I love to travel and I lived in Zambia, Morocco and Spain and did short tours to Mozambique, Portugal, Brazil, Italy and Zimbabwe. I’m a bit of a couch potato and love reading and watching television. My absolute favorite thing to do is writing the stories of the characters living in my head.

2. What inspires you to write?

Everything. Movies, conversations sometimes even a look on someone’s face. I love the people in my head who plague me to write their stories all the time.

3. What project are you most excited about right now?

I am excited about several I have written and are editing. I wish I could clone myself and do them all at once. Next up is Alien Betrayed and can’t wait to get back to it and finish editing. I have also written a gargoyle story and one about a very arrogant but endearing dragon who walk into a camp of dragons who refuse to accept her as one of them.

*Ooh gargoyles and dragons!*

4. Which authors are you currently hooked on? Any recommendations.

I love Nalini Singh and read each and every book that she puts out. Jayne Anne Krentz has been an auto buy for me since I was in high school. I have almost all her books, even the ones she wrote as Jayne Bentley. Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kristen Ashley, Kresley Cole, G.A. Aiken, Shelley Laurentson and so many more.

5. If one of your books could be made into a movie, which one? And why?

Maybe my first book but only if time and money is spent on a good script writer. I have noticed that most romances does not translate well to the movie screen. Or rather are not made into good movies.


And here’s an excerpt:

Slowly, slowly, she turned her head.
Red, devilish eyes stared at her with unblinking menace from the mouth of the cave.
Natalie froze. The most savage gaze she’d ever seen followed her trembling hand as it crept up to cover her vulnerable neck.
He growled, and she nearly jumped out of her skin.
The temperature dropped, as if the very air was terrified. The sound of the wind, slapping against the canvas over the entrance, died as the alien continued to stare at her, sitting with his hands still tied to the wall.
Her mind screamed at her to move, to get dressed, to render him unconscious once more. Anything but stand there frozen, with her hand against her throat. His gaze traveled down her body to settle on her bare breasts. She could feel the heat of his eyes, searing her flesh. At last, her muscles obeyed and she dived behind the stack of crates. Drawing her knees to her chest, Natalie closed her eyes and pressed her back against the boxes.
I tied him up, he can’t hurt me.
She peeked around the corner of the containers, straight into his unblinking red eyes.
“Uh, hello?” She waved hesitantly then cringed. “Um, excuse me while I, um—”
Hiding behind the boxes again, she fumbled for her knitted blue sweater, slipping it over her head before pulling on the thick woollen pants. Resting her head on her knees, she closed her eyes for a moment then dried her palms on her thighs. She took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, then stood up and walked around the stacked boxes.
He watched her every step, like a predator stalking its prey. His nostrils flared, as if he could smell her from such a distance. Could he hear the sound of her heart, beating in intense panic, as well?
What did one ask an alien? Especially one you’d clobbered and tied up?
“Do—do you speak English?” She barely heard her own voice over the pounding of her heart in her ears. The cold, in the surrounding air and rising up from the floor of the cave, seeped into her bare feet until her knees ached. She reached for her boots, never taking her eyes off him.
His expression didn’t change.
If only she could believe he was more scared of her than she was of him. This alien, this male didn’t fear anything, did he?
Desperate to get her boots on, to feel less vulnerable, she moved to sit down on the cave floor, but her sore muscles protested and she lost her balance. The empty boxes scattered as she tried to right herself, her bum landing with a faint thump. She half expected the alien to start laughing at her clumsiness, but he only continued to watch her with his intense gaze.
Natalie retrieved one of the scarred leather boots and jammed her left foot inside, only to realize it was the wrong foot. She hastily jerked the boot onto her right foot and reached for the other one. As if she wasn’t frantic enough, his gaze, following her every move, was making her more self-conscious.
“Well, do you? Speak English, I mean?”

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