Release Day: Dance of Love by Inge Saunders

So in an episode of The Returned a woman *spoiler alert* starts having a panic attack after being questioned about evidence from a crime committed against her a couple of years before. She tells them that none of the jewellery they found was hers, and then she starts to hyperventilate. Now why this was so significant to me (apart from the fact that I`m so loving this series!) is that in Dance of Love the heroine also experiences a panic attack and the editor who worked on content edits with me, basically said that when a person has a panic attack they`re not aware of it happening until it happens *wide eyed* Yeah, I know, I also didn`t agree with that.
A panic attack can be a gradual process. It doesn`t always come on ‘suddenly’ and out of ‘nowhere’. The stress was definitely there long before or the stressful situation clues the person in on an oncoming attack. As someone who`ve experienced panic attacks I knew personally that, yep you can be very aware of the fact that you`re about to have one and while you`re having it, also freak out about the fact that you`re having one. Sometimes an attack can leave you completely paralysed. Like you can`t do anything, but your heart`s beating at such an alarming rate you honestly believe you`re about to die. Then there`s the attacks where you can`t sit still. You have to move. But you don`t know where you`re going and you can`t breathe, so you think outside`s the best place for you to be. Only you get outside and there`s noise and people and the world, so you freak out even more.
I think the worse place to be when you`re experiencing a full blown panic attack, is in a car. Which is why I let my heroine have a mild one, I couldn`t have her jumping out in traffic and spoiling my whole plot. Of course I explained to the editor why the heroine would be aware of her rising stress/anxiety. And why it`s needed for the scene. I also toned down my dramatics, which made for a nice tightly written scene. In the end it worked out and I hope you think so too since Dance of Love is releasing TODAY! *yay*
Here’s the details!


What would you do if you had to audition for the Simon Cowell of a dance company?
All roads lead to Rome when Ashley embarks on fulfilling her dream to become a world-class dancer.
But there’s one person who stands in her way. “That’s a no from me” Antonio Machiavelli.

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