Writers Write

This seems simple right? Writers write. It`s what they do. But alas no, it`s not so simple because it`s ALL they want to do twenty-four seven, three sixty-five. We write. We don`t write because someone holds us at gunpoint and yells, “Write, you-literature-loving-piece-of-horse-manure!” (Gosh that sounds so harsh! And yeah I can`t swear to save my life *laughs* * draws a picture of a smiling kitten*)
We write because we feel compelled to write…about everything. There`s always a cause, always a reason, always some bright spark that goes off in our heads. We are the happiest typing away on our keyboards, staring at screens unblinking for hours (or that`s just me), we crave this world of blank pages and black lines. We want those ‘quiet’ moments of building worlds and ‘people’ who breathe in life/a new perspective into ours. No matter what life brings, you can always count on a pen and paper to pour it out into. We don`t write because it`s a fad, it`s a way to escape the world, it`s a hobby, it`s a way to make a boat load of money *ha ha ha* we write because if we didn`t …*shakes head* the world would be dull, void of colour.
I started writing poetry and naturally progressed into writing novels. I`d sit in one of the empty classrooms before school began and take out my notepad and write a couple of verses of poetry at age fourteen/fifteen. I did this throughout high school. The majority of my friends knew I wrote poetry. One time a friend asked me if she could read through my latest notepad. I went off to another class and she headed to hers, by recess that notepad had circulated her whole class! I was so shocked. Like seriously flabbergasted. My poems were personal to me and yes not all of them were about me, but still to give people a view inside my world, was a bit…mind altering. Then she told me they loved every single one and wanted to know if I really wrote them. Some even wanted to copy them. This only caused me to gape like a fish out of water. I was like ‘what? Why? It`s only my poems.’ It blew my mind that my words/view point could be so accepted on a universal level…and to be honest, by a bunch of kids whom I didn`t even particularly like. Yep even I had my Mean Girls drama in high school. No one`s exempted. But before you feel sorry for me I have to add, I was a bit of a smart mouth. So yeah, I gave as good as I got *wink*
Anyway, this opened up a whole new perspective to me on my writing and was most likely the first seed planted that got me to where I am now. Throughout varsity I wrote from my everyday journaling to poetry and stories. It never ended for me. I`d started writing with my older brother and sister, but where they let it drift along the way, it had stuck with me. Writing never left, if I go a day without writing, I`d write five pages worth of poetry the next. If I`m working on a story (like I`m doing now) and there`s a slump or what some authors refer to as The Dip, I still write. Whether it`s working on character sketches, writing a blog post or filling in scenes in other stories. It never stops. Not completely. A writer writes. Whether you`re published or not. Doesn`t matter. I always thought writers who said this was a bit pretentious, ‘Like seriously, stop it already. We get it, you write, you`re an artist,’ but I`ve come to change my attitude because I realized, this is what I do 24/7. No matter what else I`ve got going on in my life, writing`s always been constant. Some say it`s a lifestyle. I tend to agree. It can be a career. No matter what some may believe. To me it`s become the lens through which I view the world in, a sometimes very brutally honest lens. But I love it.
It`s pure. Can sometimes be exhausting. Isn`t as easy as some may think. Yet, it`s the only thing the writer wants to do with the same amount of passion a ballerina does a pirouette. We live this. We breathe it. And we`ll be damned if we apologise for it.
So if anyone`s wondering what I`ll be doing when I`m done posting this blog…I`ll be writing because writers, write.


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