My Clueless (yes movie reference) moment…

At the end of last year I vowed I wouldn`t go on my social networks for a whole month after my book released. Why you ask? *smile* Because I didn`t want to become paranoid with checking out how it`s doing on Amazon or any other sites. I didn`t want to obsessively look to see when Falling for Mr. Unexpected would get its first review etc. I wanted my mind free of that. I wanted to simply enjoy the fact that my book was ‘out there’…finally *grin* That`s just me. I know as authors we have to go on these sites to see how we`re doing, especially in regards to reviews, so we can promote our books on those reviews from lovely readers who took the time out to write them 🙂

So when my book had hit #1 on Amazon`s Dramas & Plays, Regional & Cultural, African category. I had no clue. While I was sweating up a storm (can I use those?) in summer hot Worcester, some really wonderful people had bought my book.
I`m truly stunned. I had mistakenly (and very gratefully) thought, the highest my book had gone in the category was #39 in the Top 100. To have had it gone straight to #1…that`s a bit of a brain stutter moment for me. It was a big moment AND I had missed it!lol

But the funny part`s (or maybe not funny) I think I saw it exactly when I needed to. See, I`ve been going through senior edits for my 2nd book with Decadent Publishing, Dance of Love. It`s been gruelling. I`m also in the process of planning (and by planning I mean a lot of staring into the distance and daydreaming up worlds) a story for their Beyond Fairytales line. A story I might add the editor of the line specifically gave me because she liked how I wrote the books I`ve written for them so far (Mr. Unexpected & DoL), which of course made me (crazy writer that I am) very nervous. I`ve also talked myself into entering another writing competition. So there was that stress as well. I`ve been a bit apprehensive about my writing lately.
It`s wonderful to write a story for yourself, but when it becomes ‘public domain’, as in it`s in the hands of a publisher, and every sentence/structure`s being scrutinized, confidence levels become very low. There`s no place for egos in the writing world. Not when there`s every colour of the rainbow going through your manuscript. Yes at one point you might have thought the story was ‘good enough’ but by the end of an edit *cringe* not so much.
So even though I saw this almost *head on desk* two months after it had appeared on Amazon, it lifted my spirit. It encouraged me to work hard on all the above mentioned endeavours, because you never know what might happen and who`s waiting to read it.
And that`s also what this post is about. To not give up on what you want, the dream, the vision, the plan…whatever it is. You never know what might happen. How in future it will encourage you and confirm to you, that every single sacrifice you`ve made to see that wonderful surprise …was not in vain.
Keep on writing.


2 thoughts on “My Clueless (yes movie reference) moment…

    1. Thank you Kathy…I honestly had no idea. But it all worked for the best, since I discovered it at a time when I actually needed the encouragement to focus on my writing 🙂


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