First blog post for 2015!

Hallo world! *shouts* Can you hear me, I`m back in the bloggers-sphere! LOL

I deliberately left my first post for 2015 to February, because I didn`t want to do a ‘new-year’s-resolution-writing’ post. I honestly don`t believe in them and while I`m all for goal setting and having a plan, resolutions always tend to be on the frivolous side of life. So I don`t make them. Never have. Never will.

Now back to my first blog post for the year 2015 *grin*


My first release, Falling for Mr. Unexpected hit all virtual stores on December 23rd and is now available in Paperback ( ). To say I was excited would be an understatement. Any author would tell you that it`s one of those indescribable moments in life you couldn`t define even if you tried. Which is funny, because as writers we have a huge vocabulary to draw from. But I didn`t, all I could say was thank you to everyone who made the book possible, who gave the story a chance, who went out and bought it, who reviewed it! It`s more than a month after its release and it still feels like release day!

I`m enjoying the journey so far and keep myself from going completely bonkers by NOT checking how my book`s doing on the Amazon ranks or any ranking system for that matter. I`m surprisingly sober about the whole process. But then again, when you grow up with a mother who has a mind for business and constantly reminds you that as an author ‘you`re also ‘running a business’ and that a new business shouldn`t expect to hit a home run from the get-go’, but to build up customers (in this case readers). With this piece of advice you do have a tendency to be very sober-minded about you`re first book`s success.

I`ve gotten great reports from fellow authors on how my book`s fairing for a first time author as well as from my publisher (Decadent Publishing). And it really builds a writer to know your publisher`s with you every step of the way. Recently I decided to write for another of Decadent`s Lines and as I queried the editor of the Line, she actually mentioned that she`d been one of the Acquisition Editors who read through my work and enjoyed it. My jaw literally dropped. Because as a writer you feel like you`re on an island and no one other than the handful of people you interact with on your manuscript, really know about your story and you. So, this was such a great compliment, as well as motivation to get into the story I was about to write and to do a great job *knock on wood*

It`s 2015, I started my writing journey in 2012. I`ve come far. There`s still people who ask me on whether I wanted to return to teaching and I unwaveringly say a resounding no. In these last couple of years since permanently putting on my writing hat, I`ve learned a lot about myself. I`ve become a student again, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a marketer and created worlds I hoped to hear people got lost in. My career path might not have been as smooth as others, but it`s truly been enjoyable. I love what I do, where I`m at. I love that I`m surprising people. I love that when I go to a party, I`ve got something to talk about other than how much I hate my boss or how mundane my day job was. I am my own boss. As demanding as running your own business can be, I wouldn`t trade the freedom it provides for my writing.


My 2nd book Dance of Love is set for release in April 2015, I`m currently working on another submission for the Ubuntu Line with Decadent Publishing, Falling for Mr. Right and writing a brand new story for their Beyond Fairytale Line. I`m excited for this year. Many people do not have a silver lining in their lives and I`m so glad that I have mine.

Thank you readers of Inside These Lines, I`m again, happy to take the writing journey with you in 2015.


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