I write what amuses me, what intrigues me and makes me go ‘oh oh’.

My romance novels tend to be on the light and frothy side. It`s a nice scoop of creamy ice-cream when you crave something sweet and decadent.

So far I`ve written three contemporary romance novels, two of them set for release and the other I`m still self-editing. In recent months I`ve had so many different stories floating round in my head. Some I`ve plotted out, even writing a complete synopsis. Others I`ve finished the 1st three chapters just to see how much I liked the story. Others were half a page of planning or only one significant line that carried the feeling and message of the story.

But last week I experienced the same sensation I got when I wrote my 1st three romance novels. The ‘oh oh’ with an added ‘ah ha’ moment. I sat up straight as Maroon 5 crooned in my ears. I`ve pondered a story like this on and off for a couple of years, mainly because I didn`t know which approach to take. How do I start without it being a cliché or what if I write the opening with a good cliché but with my own spin? Which trope to apply? There`s so many *deep sigh*

So I would leave it and revisit the idea whenever I find a similar book in my hands. I would literally inhale the book to see if someone out there had done what I`ve been trying to work out how to do *shaking head* I knew what the main theme of the book would be, love obviously *grin* But I wanted the setting to be different…for it to have a bit of me in it…rather than the typical music inspired novel.

Ah! Finally she gets to what the book `s about! *laugh*


Yes, I`m fascinated by music and the music industry. I also love to study celebrity culture. Yes, study not obsess about, I`m not an ENews reporter *raised eyebrow* But since I already touched on some aspects of this culture in Falling for Mr. Unexpected, I didn`t want to do the same with this book. In Dance of Love the focus was on a very tough Ballet Boot-camp and fierce dancing competition. Here the paparazzi featured as a secondary character in the book. I didn`t want to do that again, not to the extent I`ve done before anyway.

So when Maroon 5`s Daylight came on my playlist something clicked in my head. I saw this guy stand on stage, lead singer of a punk rock band, belting out a soul rendering song while in the audience my- very reluctant to be in a smoky concert hall- heroine stood transfixed. The image kept popping up whenever I heard the song in oncoming days. I was busy doing edits so couldn`t delve head first into writing it, but I did do a couple of pages, just basically writing the image in more vivid detail.

But I had no back-story. I didn`t know how she got to the concert. What motivated her since she clearly didn`t want to be there. And was this band really so mesmerizing that she literally forgot her lack of enthusiasm or was there more? Did she know the lead singer perhaps?

For days these questions plagued until I pushed them away from me since I couldn`t be walking in the clouds all day long because ‘real’ life usually  pulled me out of it, quite cruelly I might add *pulls face*

But as these things go, eventually the storyline popped up again while watching an episode of some series. I couldn’t even recall which one, but it was so unrelated with my story`s theme that it`s a miracle it came to me. I even got an initial title for the book, Elastic Heart. The back-story now played on my mind, but even now as I`m writing this, I still know it`s not ready yet.

It needs to marinate some more *grin* And no I`m not going to give the story away just yet *wink* What I will reveal is this, there is history. There might be a chance meeting. And our heroine will find herself falling in love *duh Inge* and learning many, many life lessons along the way.

I`ve heard (when I say heard I mean read) many authors say they love writing books that dealt with real people living real lives.

My stories may seem to some as a complete escape from reality, but they`re someone`s reality. They`re someone`s exception to the rule. No not everyone finds themselves in the limelight, not everyone`s career`s a high profile one, not everyone has ambitions of becoming a ‘star’ and that`s the beauty of life. You don`t have to be anything you don`t want to be. But I love writing stories about people/characters who went into the most criticised and judged industries out there and made a name for themselves. People who went off the beaten path and said, ‘I dare to achieve my dreams’. This is my main motivation for writing stories set within the world of Pop Culture and subsequently Celebrity Culture.

I`m looking forward to when I`ll sit down to ‘pen’ down Elastic Heart, the story`s burnt a Kimberley sized hole in my heart *ahem* wanting to leap out at every turn. But for now, it`s onto my edits for Lycan Legacy my YA/New Adult series on Wattpad.


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