I also write YA

What many of my author friends and well, most people who know me, don’t know is, I don`t just write Contemporary Romances. I also write Young Adult novels, specifically supernatural, science fiction and fantasy.

Oh why you ask? *grin*

It`s where I started. Of course I didn`t know what category I was writing in, I just labeled them teen novels/stories.

My first YA was a contemporary comedy romance called The Taming of a Teenaged Shrew. At the time a close friend of mine spurred me on to finish it. I had given her 60 pages to read, because I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in the story. The next day on my way to the cafeteria she asked me, when I could email her the next installment. And I know it`s so cliché, but that`s when it really hit me. I could possibly tell a story that at least one person would read! lol

I went on to write stories that now would be classified as New Adult but stuck to my YA roots when 3 years ago I started writing Lycan Legacy after having read Twilight and simply wanting to tell a story where you could interact with a more sophisticated werewolf (not knocking Jacob! Love him!)


Again, I used my friends as Beta Readers. This time I asked 3 of them with completely different personalities and preferences when it came to books, to read my story. Those 3 readers spurned a whole 3 book series.

I literally would picture them as I wrote it, anticipating how they would react. Each had their favorite characters they were rooting for. It started becoming a Team Michael and Team Eli thing (the main male characters of the series and twin brothers in the story).

Michael & Eli aka Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) & Thomas McDonall (The 100).




Oh man I had such fun messing with their heads *laughs* and now as they`re busy reading the third installment, I`m the one biting my nails.

Lycan Legacy`s closer to me than most of the stories I’ve written so far, other than The Taming of a Teenage Shrew- it had been my first attempt *smile*

For 3 years I had these characters living with me. It was tough to say goodbye to them last year November (I had finished it during NANO even though I hadn`t officially taken part).

A fellow ROSA had pointed me to Wattpad when I first joined the writing group. And I opened an account initially with an unfinished story The Last Vampire Prince, but then later took it down because I simply didn`t have time to finish it. I had been working on Falling for Mr. Unexpected and had entered in for a pitch competition with Harlequin Presents UK. I was one of their April Top 5 Winners and had to finish my book Dance of Love *slaps forehead* I`ll never enter a writing competition again without a finished manuscript. I`ve learned my lesson! *laughs*

So I wasn`t active on Wattpad. But I knew that on this site, all the Young Adult readers congregate *grin* and as part of letting my YA flag fly, I`ve recently posted three chapters of Lycan Legacy in ten parts.

Here`s the blurb:

What happens when a young girl learns she forms part of an alien Lycan race?

When eighteen year old Michael Storm revealed he’s a werewolf to Emily Adams she thought, “no one saw me getting into his car!”

Emily yearned for peace, to deal with her father`s suicide without interfering student counselors and make graduation. But fate intervenes as she`s thrown into a powerful Lycan Legacy.

 Her life intertwines with Michael`s as they face:  Lycan transformation, parental tyranny as in ‘you can`t mark on her, she`s a half-breed werewolf’ and a villain determined on creating a super Lycan army.  A climatic fight for survival propels an unlikely heroine to the forefront.

Here`s the link to Wattpad:   http://w.tt/1mJRb6X     Do check it out and vote!

Oh and here`s Emily Adams aka Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) *wink*




2 thoughts on “I also write YA

  1. Well, congratulations for having your blog for a year. You’ve got your fingers in quite a few writing pies. I didn’t know you wrote YA but heck, why not, I say. Good for you.


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