Veronica Roth…& my Neil Burger Rant!



Yes I`m on this bandwagon like white on rice! *laughs* I saw the trailer for the movie ‘Divergent’ and promised myself I`ll read the book before I saw the movie. I didn`t want to make the mistake I made with ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. I only started reading the books after I saw the first movie. This time I wanted to be fully in the world of ‘Divergent’, before the movie. I didn`t want Hollywood to decide for me, whether I`d like the book/movie before I did.

So what happens? I HEART the book and HATE the movie. Yes I know hate and heart are strong words, but that`s how it is.



Oh my word, where do I even begin? Veronica Roth, thank you for writing a book that didn`t make me pull my teeth out to get to the action and suspense. Thank you for that. I can`t say the same for ‘The Hunger Games.’ I still haven`t finished the third book and probably will only a week before I go watch the movie.

And here`s the other thing, I had to literally avoid news and status updates about the ‘Divergent’ movie, because I didn`t catch it at the theater. I was too busy. And to be completely honest, I just didn`t want to go watch it on big screen after I`ve read the book. This wasn`t ‘Pride and Prejudice’, where I`ve read the book a million times before and went into the theater with an open heart and mind, knowing full well that at least with the classics movie makers mostly (not all the time) get it right. And yes I was and still am in love with the movie and Mr. Darcy.

But I`m diverging now (pun intended).

I feel like I need to watch the movie a second time or maybe not. I might just come out of it even more annoyed with Neil Norman Burger.

*spoiler alert*

Honestly, Mr. Burger you undermined the integrity of the book. What, the Dauntless are not ruthless? What, that nameless chick didn`t fall to her death off the speeding train with their first jump? All because you want to what, create a utopia within a dystopia? What`s the point? IT`S A DYSTOPIAN WORLD! *say it with me all English majors*

Oh and Edward, where`s Edward, with his eye gauged out? *snort*

Oh and where`s the relationships Beatrice aka Tris made with fellow Initiates, Dauntless alike? Or is the relationship she has with Four aka Tobias the only the important one? Goodness, I didn`t read ‘Divergent’ as an epic love story like I did and knew ‘Twilight’ was.  As one movie crit wrote, they should have made a first ‘Divergent’ movie, not try to make another ‘Twilight, ‘The Hunger Games’ slash ‘Harry Potter’.

Gosh, it`s all around annoying and I`m so glad I didn`t sit in a theater through this. Yes if you haven`t read the book you`d be okay. It would be entertaining. You would`ve had a typical Hollywood blockbuster experience. Your popcorn worth.

I seriously don`t want to nitpick, but they even got everything wrong in the physical descriptions of the characters *face in palm* I had a tough time knowing who the hell was who? Like who`s Al (who in the book has a crush on Tris, making his betrayal all the more worse) and who`s Will?

Eric… * sarcastic laugh*… in the book is scary. I pictured a lookalike like the chick from the Swedish version of ‘Girl with a Dragon Tattoo’, instead I got Bruce Willis`s son from the recent ‘Die Hard’ movie. Eric should NOT look that appealing. Goodness, he was tame.

Tris…what can I say, at least they stuck to the blond hair (though her roots were dark, yes I`m annoyed enough to even object to that!).


The only character I didn`t object to was Four and not because Theo James is so good-looking. No he embodied the right kind of persona for the movie. Though again, that whole sexual assault thing, that wasn`t in the book. What is up with Hollywood and rape in movies/series these days? If it was depicted in a way that showed how completely wrong it is… but no, after Tris fights Four off in the simulation, she`s back in his arms again, seemingly with no after effect of one of her WORST fears! OH EM GEEEEEEE!

Let me just leave that *hands in surrender* I`m done.

Veronica Roth wrote a good book. A book I enjoyed and couldn`t wait to read the second one, I even got it. I literally had to fight against my promise to not read it until I`ve watch the first movie, because I didn`t want my knowledge of the second book to influence my viewing.

Now that book`s going to ‘sit’ on my ‘shelf’ on my laptop to only be read after all the ‘Divergent’ movies came out. I can`t subject myself to this type of disappointment again. I`d rather be one of the ‘mindless’ masses that goes in without any expectations or knowledge, nothing. I want to have a clean slate. Because from what I`ve read so far of Veronica Roth, she`s written a well thought out series and if that series isn`t translated well on the big screen, I`d like to know it after the effect, not while the whole thing is going on. I`d like my popcorn experience to be without me chocking. Goodness, Neil Norman Burger.

Here`s my final thought on this. Did ‘Twilight’ work because a female director was at the helm of the movie? She set the tone for the rest of the series and literally roped me in and yes also made it a chick flick, but who cares. It was a chick book to begin with.  Why`s Hollywood using male directors for female interpretations of their world? That annoyed me. It made the latent feminist in me raise her head and go “what do men know of what women feel/go through?” No wonder they keep on hammering on sexual assault. Honestly I think this movie would have benefited from a director who understood the motivations from a female perspective. Because Mr. Burger, sometimes you choose something not because it is necessarily ‘better’ but because it`s unknown, and in that lies its appeal. However harsh and unlike a utopia it may be. Beatrice couldn`t be as selfless as she thought she was supposed to be, but maybe Tris could learn to be brave. And the only place she could do that was at the Dauntless. And inadvertently she learns she can be both. She doesn’t have to choose.

And that`s my two cents…*laughs*



2 thoughts on “Veronica Roth…& my Neil Burger Rant!

    1. Goodness Theo James, is the only saving grace in the movie for me *laughs* Oh and the fight scenes. Loved those. But yes, I`m going to shelf the books. Watch the movies. And then go back to the books *smh*


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