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Inside These Lines welcomes fellow ROSA member, author Leigh Hann. Leigh joined ROSA a month or two after I did. We were the newbies and I instantly had a connection with her because of this. We learned the ropes together and around the same timeframe got our first book contracts. So it gives me immense pleasure to introduce Leigh Hann and her first release, The Beauty of Freedom to everyone.

Take it away Leigh!

Inge, Thank You so much for having me, allowing me to ramble on and on about my story! I’ve had the privilege to be a beta-reader on one of Inge Saunders` novels which is set to be released very soon and I can tell you-she is one talented writer! Loved her writing style and story.

Being with someone in a relationship and not returning the love-it’s heartbreaking.

Rejection becomes nauseating. Betrayal tears your heart into pieces. Heartache consumes you and clouds your logical thinking. Anxiety takes over spitting you out on the other side leaving flesh and bone to dissolve with time.

I grew up among people be it family members or friends of friends, divorce was the next best thing in town. What happened to old fashioned love? Was it ever viable or was it mere an illusion decade after decade? What really happens behind closed doors? What happens within a partner’s heart when deceit has hooked its nails into your flesh and lies are the only thing you can come up with?

I’ve observed people where the one has given his or her whole heart to their spouse, but the love could not be returned. Be it due to loving someone else, adultery or just not seeing eye to eye-the other half is guaranteed to be left with a broken heart and scarred soul.

Lea truly loves Connor, yet not on a conscious level where she can meet him. Connor unfortunately became too comfortable within his own mind thinking Lea will automatically follow his mindset. Bill has a rude awakening when he meets Lea, not knowing or being able to explain exactly what he experiences when they are within close proximity, yet something deep within him stirs, not once being able to release her. He has to have her and within time challenges the journey to find out what it is about her.

Divorce within my own experiences has always been such an ugly word. Immediately you cower your head and see blackness when the subject is raised. But what if the people directly involved truly loved one another, may it be on different levels or the same. Then again, sacrifices had to be made, because no matter how deep the love grew, there is always someone who can’t stand being the cause of hurt and turmoil. They’d rather suffer and endure circumstances than riding off in the sunset with their other half.




Lea Finley’s daily routine begins with meditation. Today, though, she cannot focus. There’s something blocking her efforts. She and Connor have been married for five years. Though she might not have the perfect marriage, her life seems peaceful. To prioritize her head, she decides to go on a short trip. Lea is a strong believer in living your passions. She paints for a living and believes strongly in her spirituality. But when she meets Bill Hammington, confusion hits her between the eyes. Lea is on an emotional rollercoaster. She is drawn to Bill, but at the same time she battles with guilt over Connor. After all, Lea is not ‘that kind of a woman.’ She does not believe in cheating. Through all darkness and turmoil, there is beauty, love, forgiveness, and laughter.


“When you see the one you love with somebody else.

When the one you love does not recognize you or acknowledges you.

When the one you love walks by hand in hand with the other and he sees you standing there, but he chooses to ignore you because it make the hurt much less . . . For who?

Sadness and heaviness consumes your heart.

A piece of lead stuck in your chest and a lump in your throat.

Anxiety rushing through your veins and stinging you.

Confusion and anger, but all give in to the mercy of hurt.

The ultimate betrayal.

Why does he not choose you?

Why can he not see you?

Why can we not be together?

Since you are the perfect match.

Oh God!

Nails grow on your fingertips. You put your hand to your chest and dig in to rip out your heart, because the pain is unbearable.

Pools of tears well up your sockets and break through the wall pouring down like an angry waterfall, only to give no relief.

Your chest closes up; muscle spasms choke you from the inside and force the life out of your body.

 You scream for some relief, only to plump down to the floor with no voice.

Staring out in front of you and whispering softly to the wind- Please! Dissolve my body and make me disappear. Please- I beg for mercy from this monstrous hurt.”

The Beauty of Freedom is available on Amazon as eBook and will be released in print within approximately 9 months’ time.

Here is the link:

Readers can find me on my website and Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post by Leigh Hann

  1. I also liked the story and the way she handled it. Her writing style is so distinctive. I don’t think you’ll question if it’s a Leigh Hann book after you’ve read her first release.


    1. Inge, you guys are seriously making my ego swell here!! Lol. No seriously, I’m so happy you enjoyed the story, because as a newbie you tend to seriously doubt yourself constantly and can become your own worst critic.


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