What does a South African Rom Com movie look like?


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It`s our amazing 2014 Ubuntu Line April Blog Hop. So far you`ve been introduced to some great authors from the African continent and island (Mauritius) surrounding it. Our theme is Pop Culture and if you`ve noticed of late, I`ve had posts already tying my book in with the theme.

Since I`ve written a romance comedy, it started me thinking: What does a South African Rom Com movie look like? I instantly thought of a film directed and co-written by Henk Pretorius, Fanie Fourie’s Lobola: A feel good film that lightly addresses cultural divides and also an emerging culture in Post-Apartheid SA. It`s a contemporary romantic comedy about love and tradition in a rapidly evolving society. (You can find the official trailer here http://bit.ly/1eodhNt )


It showcases how deeply romantic comedies have become embedded in the Pop Culture of the world. You can literally pick up a Rom Com movie/book from anywhere in the world and enjoy yourself, no matter what cultural or traditional matter it deals with. I`m thinking now of Zee`s Island Girls Trilogy where Indian culture is the backdrop for her stories.

Since Falling for Mr. Unexpected is still in the editing process I decided to share an excerpt with you and hope you`ll forgive the ‘rawness’ *laugh*It`s an out-and-out contemporary romance comedy/chicklit novel.

I posted a blurb in the previous post! So I`ll only set up the ‘scene’ for the excerpt. Before this point in the story Emma had begged off going on holiday with her friend Nomsa, she had a nightmare of a flashback that involved her on a date with one of Nomsa`s cousins. An IT-guy who liked long walks on the beach *raised eyebrow* Yeah Emma also thought that was a red flag *wink* She sufficiently wiggled her way out of the holiday and headed for what she thought was her brother in-law`s beach house in Strand.


So without further introduction here`s Emma and Damian`s first clash *cough* I mean introduction to each other *grin*


Emma rushed in through the patio door and screamed a loud ear-splitting scream.


Before her stood a half-naked man, dressed only in a white towel.

As this knowledge registered, so did the fact she wore little else but her underwear. Her eyes were out of their sockets and she still hadn`t stopped screaming. “Ah!”

“Would you stop it!” The half-naked stranger yelled in a deep baritone causing her to clip her mouth shut.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? I`m calling the police!”

He didn`t even flinch at her nakedness, instead he turned his back on her and stalked to the small side table next to a big white and blue sofa.

Before his huge frame could obscure her vision, she made out a black cordless phone.

Her chest heaved. Oh my goodness, he`s serious!

“I`m sick and tired of this,” he said into the phone, and waited for whomever to pick up on the other side. “If it`s not underwear in the mail, naked photos on my car`s windshields.” He looked to her. “It`s running around naked in my home.”

His fiery eyes burned holes into her.

“What?” she blurted out. She clutched her dry clothes in front of herself. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”


*laughs* I had fun writing this book!

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12 thoughts on “What does a South African Rom Com movie look like?

  1. I don’t know how I missed Fanie Fourie’s Lobola last year, but I just watched the trailer and now I HAVE to watch the movie! Your excerpt was certainly comical. I can understand how you had fun writing it 😉


    1. It`s hilarious Kiru! One of those movies that have you rooting for the lovers and also laughing so hard, you`ll have tears streaming down your face 🙂 And I have no idea if it`s on Netflix.


  2. Lovely excerpt, Inge. Can’t wait to read your book! This week, I finished watching a really cute South African Rom Com in Afrikaans with English subtitles, called Klein Karoo. Seems like SA is starting to get good with movie making.


    1. Ooh that`s sounds like a nice one. Will check it out! We are! I loved Bakgat & Hoofmeisie, so it was easy to pick up this Pretorius movie. And thank you Kathy, I took inspiration for the scene from res-life. I lived in a co-ed, many a time had to suffer mortification! lol


    1. Ah! it is! And there`s so many well known SA actors in it. I loved how seamless and effortless their acting was. Oh and it does help that the co-producer of Tsotsi worked with Pretorius 😉


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