The Inside Story: Exposé on ‘Falling for Mr.Unexpected’.


Now ladies, bear with me for a moment. I`ve always been a fan of Enrique Iglesias since he came on the scene, it was a toss between him and Ricky Martin but not even Ricky`s Bon Bon`s could compete *cheeky grin* So when I first started with my sytycw2012 entry, Falling for Mr. Unexpected, it was no wonder that the male lead would be a spitting image of Enrique. (Let`s ignore the fact that I was watching a Perez Hilton interview with him, in his hotel room, at the time inspiration over took.)


SA has such a rich culture of people and backgrounds especially in the Western Cape that a guy who looked like Enrique would fit in perfectly with the Malaysian influences of the province`s colonial past.

Therefore, Hollywood Actor Damian Davidson the male lead in the story inherited the history of being of Malaysian and British descent. With black straight hair, in a short conservative cut that`s just a touch longer on top than on the sides and back, with a fringe that`s easily spiked for a ‘devil may care’ attitude *wink* Damian has the same dark brown eyes as his celebrity counterpart.  At 6’2 he`s lean, toned and muscular. Being an actor, he exercises a lot *bug eyed* and takes care of himself, but doesn`t ‘dress up’ when he`s on holiday. He does simple elegance in jeans and body hugging t-shirts and walks around barefoot mostly or in thong sandals, in true South African fashion when on holiday at the beach.


Now seriously, who can`t picture this guy walking down Strand`s beachfront? *swoo-0h-oon*



My heroine, Emma took some thought. Why you ask, because for some reason or other I started writing the character without a clear image of what she would look like! *laughs*

I had her personality down to a T. I knew what her moral inclinations were going to be, her pet peeves. But halfway through I realized I had done something I haven`t done in my writing before, I wrote the story with a mental image of someone similar to myself *slaps forehead* Yeah I know. Who does that? BUT it was Enrique Iglesias people! *laughs* It`s his fault!*embarrassed smile*

So I had to backtrack. Me as the female lead in my book wasn’t going to cut it. I already described her curly hair and short stature. Emma already had a sarcastic slant to her. I couldn`t, no wouldn`t give her my face! That would be too much! Goodness! No!

After lots of musing and sitting in front of the TV, an episode of Vampire Diaries came on (yep I`m a fan *grin*) and I started watching. It was one of the episodes where Bonnie (Kat Graham) featured with some freaky witchy stuff.



She was fierce, cheeky and downright mean. The actress (Kat) playing her, has such a clear pixie face, she didn`t look like someone who could harm a fly. Her hair was in a mass of wavy curls and her big light brown eyes flashed as she stared down a vampire. Her frame`s small, but she wasn`t delicate. She was what you would call petite at 1, 6 meters tall. Her style: comfortable chic, she loved her jeans and ballet shoes but was finished off with a romantic frilly top.


I had my Emma!


It was easy to move on from there and complete the book. Not only could I picture the two characters in their celebrity lookalike visages, but it was easy to translate them to Los Angeles, where the other half of the story takes place.



From beach town Strand, South Africa, in an exclusive private beachfront home right on the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean to LA, Hollywood and red carpet events.



It was the start of a modern day Prince Charming and Cinderella  story, as Oscar Nominated Actor, Damian Davidson (only in a towel and nothing else) bumped into a half-naked Emma Cupido (only in her to match nude colored panty and bra).

And yes *clears throat* the proverbial sparks do fly! *wink wink nudge nudge*



8 thoughts on “The Inside Story: Exposé on ‘Falling for Mr.Unexpected’.

    1. LOL I was wondering 🙂 Thank you Zee, the two just fit together in my head. You know their story, so you saying their celebrity counterparts are spot on *thumbs up* A huge accomplishment! Can’t wait for the rest of the world to meet Emma and Damian 🙂


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