The Moral Stand of the Parent


I haven`t noticed this as much as I have recently on my Facebook feed. The ‘public’ outcry of parents on celebrities like Justin Bieber ( I use plural because I don`t want it to sound like I`m targeting the poor kid-and yes I know some would look at me with disapproval for sympathizing with him. But please do not let this stop you from reading further *grin*).

Of course I took a moment to mourn my last couple of weeks of being a twenty-something and glowered at my screen because clearly I was being bombarded with parent angst when I could care less what celebrities are doing.

These public figures are placed on moral pedestals and in role model ‘roles’ that the average human being would shy away from. Of course then some witty parent would say, “yeah but they chose to be public figures, it comes with the territory.” Uh…logical fallacy parent. Have you heard of that? It`s a logical conclusion but the premise is false. No one who was blessed with a talent aspire to be hounded down constantly, boxed in into a label and category that fits someone else`s view.

The bad thing with celebrities that get fame from a young age; they have no concept of who they are. They haven`t experienced much of life to be able to define certain things about their characters. They are going to make mistakes…in public. And yes, some of those mistakes are going to be deliberate *shaking my head* As someone who once was a teenager I can testify that yes, I also made intentional mistakes, knowing full well what the consequences were going to be, but I still did it anyway.

Right now as I`m writing this; I realize that even as adults we still sometimes do that, but I`m not here to write about adults, I`m here to dedicate this post to parents.

Look, I get it. It`s tough being a parent. I`ve never been one. But I have parents. I know what a rascal I was. I know that you would love perfect human beings that your kids look up to and for them to grow up well-adjusted. But it`s not always going to be like that. If I think of all the music I listened to as a teenager, all the ‘heroes’ and ‘heroines’ I had. Feet of clay all of them. Some of them were doing more than just ‘twerking’ on stage. Yes I grew up on Britney and yes I saw her snog Madonna. And no, I didn’t stop listening to her and I didn’t start snogging Madonna *laugh*

My point to this spiel: Parent, you’re the most influential ‘public figure’ your kid`s ever going to have. What you say and do, affects them in ways a celebrity like Justin Bieber never will. The love, the support you give. The advice.  The picking up when they`re falling down. The way you live your life, is more of a benefit to them than your views on celebrities.

I love my parents. They never once ranted about a celebrity I liked, of course when I was in high school there wasn`t a Facebook and Twitter to blast on. My parents were safely in their ‘parent bubble’, living their lives, giving guidance as Slim Shady boomed from my ‘old Skool’ five disc CD player. They probably hated that I played his music so loud and would have loved to confiscate that CD if they could get their hands on it. But they simply didn`t care what Slim Shady was up to, they didn`t watch MTV. They didn`t care about E-News. What gossip rags? And no my parents aren`t in their sixties they`re in their mid-fifties. They could have if they wanted. But they didn`t. And still doesn`t.

The moral stand parents should take should be in their households. Not on my News Feed where all I do is cringe at their selective memories. One actually boasted on Rock bands past who were great philanthropists compared to Justin Bieber and One Direction. Seriously? *lol* A Rock band? Talk about selective memory. But I understand, the older I get I`m also prone to speak such profanities like “in my time”, “our generation”, “oh heavens no!”…okay that last one`s me being ridiculous. But still. It`s this demonizing of teenagers being teenagers that prompted this post.

Was it so easy to forget…? That parent that`s what you once were? I recently said this and I`ll say it again, if I was judged for what I posted on Facebook, Twitter and my WordPress blog, than I am in serious trouble, more so, if someone followed me around 24/7 waiting for me to fall on my face.


2 thoughts on “The Moral Stand of the Parent

  1. That is quite a take on the bieber saga *lollest*. I agree with 80% of all you said. I grew up without my parents nagging or looking over my shoulder about what I listened to or watched. It was about my taste and whether I liked it or not. So I agree, its really about what is the child’s fondation. The base that is layed by the parents which determines what the kid decide to build with.

    On the other hand, we must give credit that the celebrities do have some form of influence. Especial because they sell themselves as such. They present + sell themselves as role models + above certain inbuild failures that come with being human. Most people make the mistake of believing that lie but the celebrities tell it first.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the biebers of the world can’t make mistakes or are resonsible or owe the world to be perfect, of cause not. I am just saying they sell and perpetuate the lie that they are perfect.

    The actually have it worse. They must be kids yet grown ups about things they shouldn’t be thinking or doing. They deserve grace rather than scornful. So parents should teach their kinds to see them as humans who are fallible, to be admired but also pitied and afford them some grace to be human.


    1. Ah now you see, that`s the fallacy I point out. The majority of ‘child stars’ don’t even realize what they sign up for. Then when they hit teendom and explore those lovely hormones that come with a feeling of ‘I`m just living my life’-freedom, they are caught on a ‘world stage’ doing something inappropriate. E.g. our home girl Miley with the ‘twerking’. She didn`t invent it. There were ‘twerkers’ at my high school and yes, I also ‘twerked’ in my day. Just not against a man twice my age or any man`s lower anatomy for that matter. But I have danced on a couple of club stages and speakers in true adolescent ‘freedom’.

      The difference, I wasn`t on a ‘world stage.’ But guess what, I don`t exempt my behavior either. In hindsight I probably should not have booty-shaked like a pom pom…but I did.

      And that`s where my beef lies with ‘the moral stand of the parent’, if you know, if you`ve been there as a teenager, if you know all the awkwardness that goes along with being in your ‘Storm und Drang Jahre’ then why are you casting stones like you were and still are perfect?

      We all have a moral obligation. It`s not just celebrities and especially not those celebrities who grew up in front of cameras` responsibility to teach their kids what ‘the moral standard’ is…okay I`m going to stop now.

      It just annoys. It`s like every person since Facebook & Twitter gets to be a bully no matter what their age…seriously, who would like to be scrutinized like that 24/7?


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