It`s that time of the year where you go back to your blog, muse over all the entries you`ve done over the year (since I started this blog in the middle of last year, it was a very quick browse!lol), what you would like to focus on in the new year and so forth. And I have to say, I was literally one of those people who avoided all the blogs with the New Year`s resolutions until it was well passed the 1st of January and I was able to stomach all the wisdom and mishaps and failures and wins and everything in-between.

Don`t get me wrong, I`m not knocking anyone. I just wasn`t on the whole ‘let`s look back on 2013, evaluate and dissect’ bandwagon because I`ve never been a resolution kind of person *grin*

Nope. Never. Never did that. In fact I wasn`t a five year plan person. I lived in the moment. I knew that everything had a lifespan, but I never thought of what`s going to happen after that. I had vague ideas. The future was this vast open space where anything could happen and that was exciting. I was comfortable in that space…until ‘you have to be a grown up with a plan’ happened *laugh*

Doing a three to four year degree doesn`t translate into a plan. It certainly looks like one, but it`s not. If it was, I would have fallen into the ‘I have a plan’ category of life and I didn`t.

But what I always had was ambition. And the funny thing with ambitious people, if they want to achieve something, they formulate a plan. They work on resolutions. They think of the future as more than a vague open space. They not only are visionary but also action plan driven.

So that`s how I view myself and what I have planned for this year and did last year. What I set out to do the moment I made a full on decision to see my name in print. I became Action Plan Driven! Ha!

I still do the broad view of life, because that`s just who I am, how my brain`s wired. I see the bigger picture then I zoom in the lens to see all the details that needs to be addressed and checked off in order to achieve that bigger picture. I still love taking stock of ‘the moment’ but I have one foot in tomorrow. I`ve realized in 2013 I get very annoyed with people who are stuck in the past, who seem to be content with re-living old glories or are simply just unable to ‘move on’ whether it`s from a job they hated or that whole concept of reunions that again, in my book, makes too much of the past.

Living in the present, as Oprah loves to say, is okay for appreciating what you have and a nice way of taking stock, but it`s not where you should permanently find yourself.

My Action Plan for 2014 is still in the planning phase. I have a big picture of what I`d like to achieve this year. With a book coming out early in the year, I aim to create a platform for myself in the publishing and writing world. Last year from November onwards I completed two books, submitted one and got it back for revisions. The plan is to work on polishing these books and get them contracted. There will of course be new writing projects in the new year, plus my Lycan series that I`m editing and also want to submit in February. The aim therefore for 2014 is to build on the strides I`ve made in the writing world in 2013.

I`m not going to make word count aims. Nor am I going to put a minimum or maximum on the amount of books I have to write for 2014. I know this works for some, but for me that would be setting myself up for disaster*laugh* I`d chase some ridiculous standard that doesn`t even fit my lifestyle or personality.

So yes this is NOT a New Year’s Resolution blog, it is however the first blog entry of the year and therefore, it`s always good to look back on the year and plan for the new year *wink*

Happy writing all!



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