In the words of Trevor Noah, I live in one of the most ‘rock & roll’ countries. It doesn`t get any better than this. Now let just put the whole scary crime thing to the side. We have Table Mountain, Nelson Mandela, JM Coetzee, Charlize Theron, Lady Smith Black Mombasa, to name a few wonders of the RSA, which is most known as SA (South Africa) but I`m having a word play thing going on ala Demi Lovato`s ‘Made in the USA.’

A country with eleven official languages (yep you read right *grin* we don`t discriminate here) and the most forward thinking constitution in the world! *wide eyed* How can you not love growing up here?

But it`s not just that, that makes this country such a beauty and blessing. Now please bear with me, because I`m going to become all wax lyrical about the biggest small town in SA- Worcester *grin* My cousin laughed when I told her Worcester was the biggest small town in SA, she didn`t believe me until I told her it says so on Wikipedia *straight face*


It was home to JM Coetzee Nobel Prize Winner for his Literary contributions and of course me *grin* But as I recently mentioned on Facebook the town`s completely surrounded by majestic mountains. No matter where you are situated in town, you`ll have a great mountain view. It`s spectacular. Right now those mountains are covered in snow even though it`s early spring.


Wherever you go in town you`ll find Dutch influenced architecture and it`s no wonder that the town`s people are predominately Afrikaans (a variation of Dutch).

Worcester signals the start of the Boland and boast a National Karoo Garden that`s one of my favourite spots in town.

But Worcester is just a little part of SA. A drop in the ocean of how beautiful this country is. I haven`t even gotten to the people yet. Maybe I should leave that for another post.


Here are some pics to show my appreciation J




IMG00261-20120906-1800 IMG00262-20120906-1800


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