Inspiring jokes!

Phili Shange was doing what she did every Friday night, take out the unleavened bread and the red wine (insert good name of red wine- you’re the wine connoisseur Phili not me). It was a good vintage. She arranged everything neatly on a tray, then took everything to the living room and placed it on her coffee table. Everything was ready for the Holy Communion. No wait, she forgot the wine glasses. Walking back to the kitchen she suddenly sneezed.

“Ah!” She said after, that perfume she tried out earlier at Clicks wasn`t doing her any favours.

“All the single ladies! All the single ladies!” Her phone rang out.  She frowned, waffling between quickly sprinting to the kitchen to get the glasses and answering her phone.

She went for the phone.

“Hallo?” She scratched her nose, it itched.

“Bless you.” A gravelly voice said then hung up.

Phili frowned at the phone. Then held it to her ear again. “Hallo?”

But no one answered.

She pulled a face “Bless you? That`s weird. Why would someone say that?”

As she walked to the kitchen to finally get the glasses, it hit her. She sneezed! That was what someone said after you sneeze. How did they know? But most importantly, who was that?
This scene was inspired by a joke I posted on my Facebook page. Some of my FB-buddies responded to it, saying that the joke could inspire a suspense filled drama. One even said (the main character in my scene) that we should collaborate and write a script for a movie, calling it something to of “Holy Horror”. I told her she could bring the holy and I`d bring the horror. And because I`m a writer, my creative juices were flowing in spite of the fact that I was high on medicine and hauled up in bed. Of course it could be because I was high on medicine that I thought that writing out above scene would be hilarious.

To me it was *grin* (As I`m typing this, my FB-buddy whose name I used hadn`t responded to the post yet).

Here`s the joke: Imagine you`re home alone and you sneeze. Suddenly the phone rings and when you answer, someone whispers “Bless you” and hangs up.

Have I done a good job? *laugh” But it was a fun exercise and got the creativity flowing. I`d recommend doing something like this to anyone. You could even incorporate that little bit of inspiration into a current WIP.

*cool sticks*



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