Be careful what you wish for…



Because you might just get it and then some! You might be offered your dream on a silver plate only to find out, the plate wasn’t silver and not what you`ve dreamt. It`s counterfeit.

There`s a truth in patience, a lesson in waiting. It`s funny how you don`t understand that until you`ve fallen on your face and done the complete opposite.

And I`m one of those people, I learn through trial and error. For some reason the lesson`s more profound, and never to be repeated for sure.

Be careful what you wish for, be careful who you trust, be careful…be careful…mind the steps, the doors and even the hardwood floors. Make certain, take care…don`t run in heedlessly and even then, tread lightly. There`s truth in it, there`s wisdom found in caution. It keeps you from gliding on a wet floor, taking a nose dive …signing away your soul.

As someone who`s entered the writing world fairly recently, to have learned the lesson of caution so early on with all the dramatics of a Broadway play, I`m now more inclined to say, “Look right and left before you cross the street.”  Don`t settle for counterfeit.  Don`t pawn your hard work. When something feels wrong, don`t go there. Trust caution, it`s your friend in this line of business.

If you want your work to mean something to someone, if you want your dream to inspire long after you`ve left the living, then be careful.

“Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it`s inspiring.” (Unknown)

If it`s not in line with how you saw it…how you planned it…how it was created…if it`s counterfeit…you`ll end up getting burnt.



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