Shake it off (shake it out)!


“It`s hard to dance with a devil on your back..” when that devil seems to think it`s amusing to trip you up, to make a fool out of you. And whatever your devil may be, it`s a truly vicious thing. Recently I`ve experienced such a devil, to the point where I actually had to push the delete button on some of my social networks, just to ‘shake him off’.

Yes my devil was a person. A very annoying person.  One of those people that for the life of you, you just don`t know what it was you`ve done to them. And no, this person`s not the first to have disliked me without me knowing how I`ve caused offense. Though he is the first male to have ever done so *grin*

Now this is the part where I sketch out our ‘sketchy’ relationship, bemoan his existence and basically pose him in such a bad light that by the end of this blog, you`ll agree with my title! But no, I`m not going to do that. That`s not part of this exorcism. This devil won`t get more paragraphs than he`s worth.

I`ve always prided myself on being someone people can relate to. I don`t think I intimidate people (if you knew how short I was you`ll nod your head). I`m opinionated, but know that my opinions aren`t always the beginning and end all of all things. So I`ve learned to shut it, listen, evaluate and then respond. I`m passionate. I can`t really add more to it than that. I`m passionate about the things I care about, people I care about *shrug* It`s just who I am. If I don`t support something a hundred percent, than I just wouldn`t go there. I can be serious, I can be fun, I can be weird, I can be sarcastic, I can be an optimist (though that takes effort), I can be creative, I can be smart, I can be beautiful and sometimes downright mean, but I always apologize.  I`m not perfect. I`m complex. You can`t presume to know me after a month, you can`t even know me in a year, impossible to know me after a couple of seasons. People who`ve known me my whole life, can`t even remember the color of my natural hair *laugh*

So how than devil, how than can the little that you`ve seen of me, cause you to start rumors, talk behind my back, make small of things that means so much to me, when you obviously don`t know me…

“And every demon wants his pound of flesh…”

But there`s a valuable lesson here, something I realized when I sat back and thought about this devil on my back, that I don`t want to be like him…I don`t want to be the devil on someone else`s back, cause them grief, make life difficult for them, just because I viewed them as a threat (which in itself would be difficult for me)… I`ll work on being kind and true, I`ll work on compassion and not comparing myself with others, I`ll work on getting to know my authentic –self so that I won`t feel out of place when someone more self-assured comes my way…I`ll work on me, because there`s no reason in this life…this world, to be a devil to someone else.

“I`m done with my graceless heart…So tonight I`m gonna cut it out and then restart…”


2 thoughts on “Shake it off (shake it out)!

  1. Too true, read a very inspiring book, Christian romance novel nogal, not sure whether I should send it to you though, bit sketchy at times :-), this weekend. Anyhoo, guy shared some very important and enlightening thoughts on Christianity and living the Christian life. He was emphasizing that Jesus’ most basic instruction to all Christians is to love God and to love our neighbour more than ourselves. It hit me like nothing else, and then where Paul says: ‘en nou bly geloof, hoop en die liefde, die grootste hiervan die liefde’, en: ‘as ons nie die liefde het net, dan word ons soos ‘n klinkende simbaal’. Writer’s point was that in essence that is what the Christian walk is all about, walking in God’s love, expressing His love in everything, in every way, to everyone. Yes, even them haters ;-). I have been asking myself lately, how you can profess to love God, when you hate your neighbor. Granted I don’t hate anyone, just seriously dislike one/two persons, but question still remains. So, I’m praying about that these days, being more loving, even to my not so favorite people. And to get back to what you were talking about, not being an irritation, or ‘devil’ myself to other peeps :-). I used to love going to a friend’s church. It always felt to me like when I went there, I could smell the Holy Spirit, a sweet, light heavenly fragrance when they pray and worship God. Felt like some of it had to cling to me when I left the sermon. It’s like when someone wearing *sometimes a bit too much* perfume hugs you; their smell clings to you after the hug. May prayer these days is that when folks get near to me, they should smell and get a sense of the heavenly fragrance and that when they walk away, they should wonder and want some of that :-). Probably something I’m going to be praying for for a while, you know I can sometimes be lekka…’wayward’, especially when a person really irritates me, lol.


  2. Yes Querida, you and me both! Hence taking a step back and evaluating not just the situation but myself as well…I could have been all ‘self- righteous anger’ but realized there’s a lesson here. I want to love & be kind to my neighbor, so instead of knifing him (giggle) I’m going to choose to ‘shake him off’ & the next time I see him to actually be genuinely kind towards him. It’s his problem if he can’t deal with that. But I’m working on eternity here, I can’t trip myself up with things like this! So yeah, definitely more love my friend. More love! 🙂


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