“Don`t dream it`s over…”


This week I called myself a ‘self-proclaimed dreamer’ in an email to my writing group, ROSA (Romance writers` of South Africa). I think that`s a prerequisite for every writer or artist. If you can`t dream, you can`t create. What will there be to create? And again that`s not the point of this blog *grin*.

I was watching Glee the episode titled “Swan Song” and they ended with the beautiful classic “Don’t dream it`s over.”

How many times have we found ourselves in that boat, of someone telling you it`s over that you need to move on to something else. I can actually count the times on my hands. I once bumped into someone who told me my dream of finishing my first degree wasn`t going to realize, and funnily enough I was doing my Honors when I bumped into them. Of course I did the polite thing, greeted them with a polite smile, while thinking “nah nah nah nah I`m still here!” Ha ha ha, yeah get over it, it`s okay to be a bit immature at times.

But that`s just it isn`t. People always equate ‘stop dreaming’ to maturity (shaking my head), how can that be mature? Yes when you dream of living with the dolphins…well there`s really nothing I can say to that. But I`m not talking about those kind of dreams,  I`m talking about those dreams that just won`t leave you alone that causes you to act, that makes you afraid to tell the world because if you do , well they will write you off as immature. What`s so wrong about wanting to take a dance class at fifty? If it makes you happy it can`t be that bad! Yes another lyric *smile*

Dreams are the things that hold us together. They keep us hoping for something better. They shine this light in dark times and make you believe that there is more to life than this…whatever this is for you. Dream of that ‘dream’ job, dream of that much desired vacation, dream of getting that degree, dream of writing that New York Bestseller *cough*…just dream! I love this saying: You must conceive it in your heart and mind, before you can receive it! So yeah by all means, dream it first! Conceive it first! Believe it first! And don`t let the world come in and steal it from you.

“Hey now, hey now…. don`t dream it`s over…when the world comes in… they come, they come to build a wall between us…”

Don`t allow anyone to build a wall between you and your dreams, whatever they may be…*cough* even if it`s living with the dolphins.



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