When the story writes itself…


I`m currently working on a YA that I started back in 2011 (I think) it`s a series and I`m on book three already. Today I BBMed my cousin Lizle and friend Nomsa, that the story is going to take a couple of twists and I`m apologizing in advance because I just know that they wouldn`t like it. (They were my beta readers on the first two & have grown unnaturally invested in the series-seriously-I fear for my life now!)

But that`s not the theme of this blog. Nope. As eventful as our BBM`s are (crying-spree last night about the end of Twilight as I started rereading ‘Eclipse’) *cough* it`s not about that!

It`s about how you suddenly get pulled in a whole new direction by the characters in your book. And yes normal people who don`t walk around with voices in your heads, it happens. Today I was dragged kicking and screaming into a direction I know could get me killed if this series see`s the light of day and I`m not even halfway through it! Suddenly my ‘author`s voice and control’ is pushed to the side and my creations are starting to take over.

Do I like the directions that their taking? Should I admit to such craziness? Eyes closed as I`m typing, I have to admit that I do. I love what they’re doing to the story.

My heart thumped as my fingers flew across the keys; I stifled a nervous giggle and gulped as my synopsis got ripped into shreds.

This story was supposed to be the end of the series. I gulped. It`s not supposed to go over to four books. I gulped. I need the villain dead. He needed to die. I gulped. And their answer, of course he will, “I`m knifing him myself,” the lead character said, while the rest looked at me like I`m crazy (I`m not by the way, my mother had me tested).

I stared at my screen trying to work out exactly when I stopped being the author of their fate and realized the moment these characters started to become more than just characters on a page, which meant the day after I started writing the first book and Nomsa said, “Oh sorry I see you`re in your bubble again”, and I gave her a blurry look.

You know that look. That unseeing look, where your brain hadn`t caught up to what`s happening around you, but then suddenly it snaps into focus and you look at your friend like she`s an aberration.

When the story writes itself it`s one of the best and horrific experiences ever!

There`s no control. And I shamefully admit that one of the reasons I love to write has everything to do with having control. I hate surprises. Wait let me rephrase that. I hate bad surprises but I love good surprises. But mostly I just hate not knowing (laugh). Yeah I cleared that one up. I love knowing the beginning and end. In life you don`t have that. But in a story! Oh boy and joy!

But we get lost between the lines. Our characters not as black and white. Our journey with them never over as they live inside our heads (see I told you I was tested *smile*).

I hope my future readers will be able to forgive me. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn`t help it…the story wrote itself.



2 thoughts on “When the story writes itself…

  1. lol, interesting! I wish I could write, do something with all the crazy folks walking around in my head. I just don’t have the patience to sit down and write pages and pages and pages. You go girl, I’ll just suppress these folks hanging about in my mind :-). Nd no, I am not crazy either, just a Pisces, always escaping to some other world when things in the ‘real’ world aren’t particularly interesting or nice.


    1. I think it has everything to do with the fact that I simply just love writing…not just a story *cough* you`ve read some of my poetry *shaking head*…I can`t stop writing and then I have the audacity to force other`s to read it! I think that`s the end game of any writer. You want others to read what you`ve written, so in the end, it`s not just for you. Maybe one day you`ll feel like, those ‘folks hanging around’ in your mind, needs an audience…let me know cause I`d love to get to know them *wink*


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